Custom Player Model (CPM)

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This mod allows you to customize your player model using JSON files. You can modify the appearance of each part of the model, add new boxes / planes to enrich your model. In addition, you can add ribbons to simulate hairs or scarfs, and also a brand-new customizable particle system!


After installation, JSON models are stored in a folder named "custom-models" under ".minecraft" (for servers, it is under the same folder as server.jar). Each model entry can either be a subfolder or a zip archive file. The name of the subfolder or zip file can be either the player name or player UUID (for example, my minecraft name is "Gamepiaynmo", and my UUID is "a94b57f9-13b8-4907-bd1e-ff622fcc5c5b", then the mod will try to find my model in the following four positions: folder "Gamepiaynmo", folder "a94b57f9-13b8-4907-bd1e-ff622fcc5c5b", file "" and file "", not case sensitive).

Each model entry must contain one main JSON file named "model.json". Supplement textures are all stored at the root of each folder or zip file, and must be stored in ".png" format. More information about the JSON schema, please refer to the github wiki page and some examples can be found at here.

When rendering, the client will search for models both at client side and server side. The priority can be adjusted in configuration. Notice that model files at server side MUST be zip files. When the model file has changed, you can use command "/custommodel reload @p" to reload your model.


If you want some new features or need to report bugs, please rise a new issue at github issue tracker. Welcome to the CPM discord server.


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