Cursor Mod

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Sep 21, 2017

Owner: ATE47

Change your ingame cursor when game reload,


To change your cursor add a resource pack with your cursor in a PNG format in assets/minecraft/textures/gui/ (can be change with the config "cursorLocation") and add in config the hotspot location


The Cursors Config Menu (1.2) (mods/Custom Cursor Mod/Config/...)

CursorMod 1.2 cursors list -- A menu to select a cursor to edit


You can edit by clicking on the buttons every cursors


CursorMod 1.2 cursor editor -- A menu to edit hotspot and file location of the cursor



Suggest by KevinFernandezDominguez :

Hotspot change request by Delekson :

Interactive cursor request by xLastt :


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