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Commands (Brigadier suggestion for version > 1.15)


/act [help] : show all commands

/act edit : Edit your inhand item

/act head [name=you] : Give a head by a name

/act rename <name> : Rename your inhand item

/act rfw : Get a random (legit seems) fireworks

/act enchant [enchant] [level] : Enchant the inhand item (require > ACT 1.13.2)

/act format [format] : Get formatting help (require > ACT 1.13.2)

/act info : Get mod information (require > ACT 1.16)


/gm [mode] = /gamemode [mode]

/gms = /gamemode survival

/gmc = /gamemode creative

/gma = /gamemode adventure (require > ACT 1.13.2)

/gmsp = /gamemode spectator (require > ACT 1.13.2)



Mod menu


Mod Menu, can be get with [N] (can be changed) or in mods list with the config button

Left Click : Open in the giver

Right Click : Give in your inventory (you must be in creative)

Shift Left Click : Copy

Shift Right Click : Delete


Giver menu


Giver menu, can be get with [Y] (can be changed) or in the menu by clicking on an item

Give : Give (you must be in creative)

Copy : Copy give information in you clipboard

Item Editor : open it in the item editor

Delete (if you are from the menu) : Delete this from config

Save (if you're not from the menu) : Save this in your config

Cancel (if you are from the menu) : Don't save edit

Done (if you are from the menu) : Save edit

Done (if you're not from the menu) : Close the menu


Item Editor

Item editor, can be get with [H] (can be changed) or in the giver


Here is a list of the changes made by the buttons : (type change Item's type ...)


Items data


You can add & to use color formatting in name and description


Meta menu

Meta menu


You can also edit there item with new menus : 

Leather Armor -> Change color


Color picker

Color picker (Click at top to set the default color)



Advanced color picker

Advanced color picker


Head -> Change Skin / UUID / Link and download skins


Head editor


You can build a head with a name [Load by name] or with UUID/Link [Load by link], [Download skin] will only work if there is a link


Command Block (+Command Block Minecart) -> Change command / custom name (if the item hasn't already a name) and if the command need redstone to be run


Command Block editor

Command Block editor (type = Normal/Repeating/Chain/Minecart)


Command output :

 Command example


Fireworks -> Change flight duration and explosions


Fireworks editor

Fireworks editor


Firework star -> Change explosion


Explosion editor

Explosion editor (See Minecraft Wiki for more information)


Potion (+Tipped Arrow) -> Change effects, type and color


Potion editor


Duration : in tick (1/20s)

Amplifier : level - 1, for example Speed with an amplifier of 1 is Speed II

Ambient : whether or not this is an effect provided by a beacon and therefore should be less intrusive on the screen. This tag is optional and defaults to 0. Due to a bug, it has no effect on splash potions.

Show Particules : whether or not this effect produces particles. This tag is optional and defaults to 1. Due to a bug, it has no effect on splash potions.

(Minecraft wiki)


Enchanted Book -> Change book enchantments

Egg -> Change what mob can spawn


ToolTip information


By Shifting when you looking at an item in you inventory you can get some information :

Shift example

Combat : Creative tab

Color : Armor/Potion color

Durability (With colors) : How many time you can use your tool/armor

RepairCost : how much you need to repair/rename/enchant-it in a anvil

Tags(Count) : List of NBT tag of this item

[Y] (can be changed) : Open this item in the giver

[N] (can be changed) : Save this in your ACT Menu


Advanced Creative Tab


Advanced creative tag

This tab contain every non-findable items in creative



1.x versions depleted, please use for an 1.8 version ATEHUD instead (1.8.9)


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