2,987 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 27, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.4

I thought to myself one day: "What does Minecraft really need to be the perfect game?"

And then the answer came to me, Minecraft needs to have more annoying cursed enchantments.


As of right now, there are three new, wonderful curses that this mod adds to the game:


1) Curse of Poverty: Any entity killed by a tool/weapon that has this cursed enchantment applied to it shall not drop any items or loot. 


2) Curse of Fragility: Any breakable item afflicted with this curse has a random chance of breaking when used.


3) Curse of Instability: Tools enchanted with this curse will explode in the player's hand when hitting an entity that's on fire, while armour pieces enchanted with this curse will explode if the player takes any fire damage. 


4) Curse of Death: If an entity equips or holds an item enchanted with this curse, then they will die instantly.


This mod requires Fabric API










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