A spooky jam 2020 mod!

1.18 porting information 


LibX is a required dependency.

This mod adds a pumpkin which can be used for crafting! It requires fluids and items to craft other items like food.

It also adds a kind of refinery which is used to get some fluids or special items.

Stems can be obtained by using a hoe.

You can simply add recipes by jsons.

Some recipes require heat. Here you can find the default heat values until I find a way to show them in-game.


Homemade Refinery




Lava from Netherwart in Homemade Refinery


Heart of the Sea in Hollowed Pumpkin


Pumpkin Jam in Hollowed Pumpkin



Creative Tab


You're allowed to use this mod in any modpack.

I will not backport this mod to any other Minecraft version. I will update whenever I want to, you don't need to ask. Please, just don't!