CTD Tweaks

15,506 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 3, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +1

CTD Tweaks is now available for 1.18.2! Still missing a few features, but they will come with time, along with new additions!

Note we still require CTD Core, and now require Curios (instead of Baubles!)


CTD Tweaks 2.0 is a major rewrite/rework of how CTD Tweaks functions. New features will come as time progresses, either new or from CTD Tweaks 1.X releases.


Wither Coal may be crafted as an alternative, more over-powered form of fuel. We're honestly not sure why?

Glowing Obsidian is available as decoration, if you needed a light that was highly resistant to explosions.

Enchanted Gold Ingots can still be obtained their usual way (Surrounding an enchanted book with gold ingots in the crafting table), or by combining an Enchanted Book and Gold Block at the Upgrade Anvil.

Ring of Swiftness grants the wearer to move at a much quicker rate.

Ring of Enlightened Mining grants the wearer to mine blocks at a quicker rate.

Ring of the Angels allows the wearer to have the ability of creative flight.

*New in 2.0.0* The Pocket Cobble Collector will generate Cobblestone into your inventory, so long as you have a Bucket of Water and Lava on you.

*New in 2.0.1* Amulet of Extinguish will clear the player of any fire when equipped.


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