Mo' Glowstone

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A port to versions after 1.16 is in the works.


Are you playing on Minecraft 1.16.3 or newer? Check out our first official addon: Mo' Glowstone Lamps!


This mod adds glowstone that can be dyed with the many Minecraft dyes. You can craft these colored glowstone Blocks by surrounding the dye with 8 glowstone in a crafting grid. (Think dyed glass). As of mod version 1.1.0, you can obtain the colored glowstone by mining it from the nether!


The mod requires CTD Core to be installed!


Also added Glowstone Fuel, which burns twice as long as coal.


This mod is a fan-continuation of More Glowstone for 1.5.2. I promise you this is my own code. :D


Crafting recipes :O

Crafting Colored Glowstone

Crafting Colored Glowstone

Crafting Glowstone Lamp

Crafting Glowstone Lamp

Crafting Glowstone Brick

Crafting Glowstone bricks

Crafting Glowstone Dust

Crafting Glowstone Dust

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