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Crystals is a mod about using the energy stored in the environment to power magical seals that do tasks such as harvest plants, ignite entities, or make it rain. This energy must be extracted from the world through crystals that you can find pretty much anywhere before the seals can use it.


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Getting Started:


  • Craft a tuning fork. It is used to change the resonance strength and natures of a crystal.
  • Hold the tuning fork in your hand to make it pick up the resonance in the environment. Eventually it will start resonating too.
  • Find a crystal in the world and stand right next to it with the tuning fork. The crystal and tuning fork will now slowly balance out their resonance and natures.
  • After it has balanced out enough, you can right click the crystal to pick it up. Breaking it with a pickaxe will instead drop dusts of the natures the crystal had. These will also come in useful, so it's a good idea to break a few crystals.
  • Create a few slates and place them in a 3x3 pattern on the ground.
  • Place some dust on the slates so that it forms a correct recipe (see below)
  • Click the center slate with your tuning fork to create a seal. This can be placed anywhere on a flat surface, as long as there is enough space for it (most seals are 3x3 in size)
  • To make the seal do something, you must supply it with energy. You'll have the best luck with using crystals with the same natures as the dusts used to create the seal. Place some of them in an environment where those types of energy exist, for example an ocean biome for water energy. Since crystals can also transfer energy to one another, you can use a line of crystals to supply seals with energy that doesn't exist in its current environment.
  • If you've done it correctly, you should see energy in the form of particles going from the crystal to the seal and the seal should start doing something.

Seal Recipe List:


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