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Filename cruelars_triforcemod-
Uploaded by cruelar01
Uploaded Nov 17, 2018
Game Version Java 10
Size 1.02 MB
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Java 10
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Changelog for mcmodversion 0.0.3_a

as nobody remembers 0.0.2_a here are also the changes of that version

+ added different Types of arrows(bomb,ice,fire,shock)(not fully integrated)
+ added recipe for bombarrows
+ added en_us.lang and de_de.lang
+ added masterore and ingots
+ added masterhilt and goddessword(first stage of crafting the master_sword)
+ added dragonscales
+ added ocarina of time(not fully integrated)
+ added black_bokoblin and his spawnegg
+ added changelog
= code cleaning

changes for 0.0.3_a

+ improved FireArrow performance
+ added different (useless) armors (Not craftable at the moment)
+ added bossbar for Ganondorf
+ added Stone Talus
+ added weak dependence on JourneyMap(Unlocks Features but you don't have to have it)
+ added Shiekah Slate(with Map Function(JM)(Not craftable at the moment)
+ added Champion's Tunic (displaying healthbar of the latest attacked entity)(Not craftable at the moment)
+ added Majora's Mask
+ added Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr.
+ improved BokoblinAI(all variants)
= improved modfiles -> now only one jar
= rerooted project files
= code cleaning
= now uses semVer specification(so this version actually is version 0.3.0)

= corrected de_de.lang
= code cleaning
= corrected en_us.lang

Changelog for mc mod version 0.4.0

+ added Jems(Amber, Opal, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz)
+ added Majora's Mask(entity)
+ added weak dependance on Baubles
+ added Goron's Bracelet
+ added Goronarmor (OoT)(gives Fire Resistance)
+ added key and lock
+ added Fairy
+ added Lens of Truth, a false and an hidden block (WARNING: Unstable/broken. Can cause Minecraft to crash)
+ added Clawshot(unnamed)
+ added model for Phantom(Phantom Hourglass)
+ added Sword of a Phantom(unnamed)
+ added Phantomshield(unnamed and without texture or model)
= corrected de_de.lang
= code cleaning
= corrected en_us.lang

Changelog for mc mod version 0.4.1

+ started Javadoc

Changelog for mc mod version 0.4.2


Ingame changes ++++++++++++++++

+ false and hidden block finally work (Thanks to Legenes and diesieben07 in the Forge Modder Support Forum)

+ added full line off Mastersword crafting (without Recipes yet)

+ added Megatonhammer

+ added Red-maned Lynel (Uses only his Bow by now)

+ added Lynelbow (Shoots 3 Arrow but consumes only 1) (witht testing Recipe)

+ improved Bokoblin AI

+ added shield models

+ added Magical_Key

+ added some extra stuff

+ added names for Clawshot and Phantom equipment

+ fixed Bombs (kinda)

+ improved Clawshot

+ added working Mastersword-Broken Mastersword function

+ finally Entities drop something

+ added Lynel drops

+ Lynel Weapons have random bonusstats now

+ Be aware of open fields, Bokoblins learned to tame horses and how to use Bows

+ Reworked Healthsystem: 1 Hearth corresponds in 4 Healthpoints now. You start with 3 Hearts. You can increase your life with Heartcontainers(currently not craftable) and decrease them with Dark_Heartcontainers(Creative-Only).

+ Reworked Shieldsystem: When they block an attack they take one damage

+ (Attack damage - Shield Strength)

+ Bug with False Block caused by Bounding Box solved(testing needed)

+ added own Recipesystem for the Cooking Pot

+ added Stone_Talus drops

+ added ore deposits and rare ore deposits(Both are generated over and underground)

+ fixed worldgen

+ got help from johnpalladiniyt with the textures for the Food, speeding finishing this version up

Code changes


+ currently the Mod is Server ready (testing needed)

+ finally got rid of CommonProxy replaced with IProxy system

+ weaken dependency on Baubles; isn't required anymore to run the Mod

+ continued Javadoc

+ made some abstract classes normal classes

= code cleaning

= corrected de_de.lang

= corrected en_us.lang


Changelog for mc mod version 0.4.3

+ fixed Cooking recipes beeing usable on the Workbench
+ fixed voltfruit texture not showing up

+ half of the CookingPotRecipes implemented (68 textures are still missing + hardly balanced + not cookable (comes during the next updates))
+ improved model init