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Welcome to CreepTech!
What is CreepTech?

CreepTech is the name of advanced technology developed by Creepers, undiscovered until just recently by intrepid adventurers. These new technologies allow you to do special things in minecraft that you cannot do normally, such as triple your ore output, create awesome armor that lets you teleport or makes you truly invisible to mobs and players, and special inventory pets that heal you when your health beomes low, along with other unique buffs.

In addition to these amazing technology advancements, however, these secretive Creepers also messed around with atomic science, corrupting a neutron and resulting in the creation of the eerie and beautiful Quantum Dimension, filled with dangerous mobs bent on world domination.

The only way to stop the spread of the Quantum Invasion is to enter this dangerous world, defeat the Quantum Crystal Monster, and save your planet from utter destruction!


There are several new machines to make in this game. But focus on Aluminum mining for now. You can make Aluminum Frames with 5 Aluminum Ingots, and Iron Plates with 4 Iron Ingots. From these, you can make Machine Frames. The first machine is the Iron Grinder, which allows you to grind ores and other items. You will need Redstone, Flint, Coal, and a Machine Frame to make an Iron Grinder.

Open it up and put in some coal and some ores or ingots. The Grinder will make ores into 3 dust per ore, and 1 dust per ingot

Then you can make the Iron Extractor. Use a Machine Frame, Redstone, and Pistons to make the Iron Extractor. Put Coal in the bottom and Compressed Lapis in the top to make the Lapis Gem. Lapis Gems can be used to make armor and tools as good as Diamond.

Then create a Gaseous Extractor with Copper Plates and an Aluminum Frame.

Craft a Salt Canister (Salt, Emtpy Canister) and a Water Canister (Water, Empty Canister). Extract them in the Iron Extractor to make Hydrogen and Chloride. Then craft them together to make Hydrogen Chloride. Finally, mine some Silicon, grind it into Silicon Powder, and extract it in the Gaseous Extractor with Hyrdogen Chloride to get Silicone, the basis for all the molds.
To make an Ingot Mold, simply craft some Silcone with any Ingot. To make a Rod Mold, combine the Silicone with any Stick or Rod, and to make a Plate Mold, craft the Silicone with any Plate.

Now you will probably be wondering what to do with those other dusts you made that I didn't tell you to make but you did anyway. Well, then get 8 Aluminum Ingots, 2 Aluminum Plates, 2 Aluminum Tanks, a Machine Frame, 7 Redstone, an Aluminum Pipe, and a Lava Bucket. Place a tank on the ground (right-click), then right-click the tanks while holding the Aluminum Ingots, then an Aluminum Plate, and then the Lava Bucket. Now you have a Melter, crafted without a crafting table!

With the Melter, you can melt ore dusts into molten metal!

Once you have molten metal in buckets, you can pour it into silicone molds and create filled ingots, plates, and rods using the Molder.

The Cooler then allows you to cool the ingots, plates, and rods, and retrieve your final product. To make the cooler, follow the above recipe for the Melter, and substitute a Bucket of Water for the Bucket of Lava.

Now you have a fully set up Ore Processing Plant, which triples the amount of ingots you get from your mining activities.

New Ores:

As you mine, you will notice many kinds of new ores generating. Of these, the most important are: Meteorite/Black Iron; Aluminum, Silicon, and Platinum, but you will also find Tin, Uranium, Lithium, Copper, Lead, Silver, and Salt. When mining, be careful of Uranium Ore. It can give you radiation if you come too close, but could also come in handy later. You might want to consider keeping a Hazmat Suit with you to dig safely.

Inventory Pets:

Not enough for you? How about some friendly inventory pets that heal you when your health is low and give you special buffs? And eat gold ingots for snacks?

Collect all 4!

The Quantum Dimension:

The Quantum Dimension is an eerie and beautiful place. This guy is waiting to greet you :)

The Quantum Invasion:

The Quantum Invasion is the Quantum Dimension taking over the Overworld via the Quantum Portal.

Multiple Quantum Blazes and Quantum Endermen come through the Quantum Portal, and convert Overworld mobs into viral Quantum Mobs thereby eliminating native life in the Overworld.

Quantum Crystal Monsters can come through the Quantum Portal, turning normal blocks into viral Quantum Stone, water into viral Ender Sludge, and trees and other vegetation burned to the ground.

Unless the invasion is stopped, the Quantum Stone will spread as the mobs convert, and the Overworld will slowly converted into a new Quantum Dimension.

Look at the mess you've made!

If you don't want this, then the section below is for you!

Stopping the Quantum Invasion:

To destroy, or at least stop the invasion, there are a couple of methods available:

Place a Portal Disruptor on the Quantum Portal at any time to halt the invasion. Of course, the only way to build a Portal Disruptor is to kill the deadly Quantum Crystal Monster, as he drops a key ingredient, the Disruption Matrix.

Place down Block Disruptors on the outskirts of the Quantum Stone, or inside and around your base. This will render the Quantum Stone inert in the Overworld, and allow you to mine it.

Or place a Block Converter onto some Quantum Stone.

This will slowly turn the Quantum Stone to Dust, and will allow you to get a good supply of Fiery Dust, Shadow Dust, and Quantum Metal Dust, used for key armor and weapons in the game.

If you're still annoyed at the Quantum Mobs after turning their virus into valuable resources, see below.

Turning the Tables:

If you feel like exacting some revenge, you can place a Block Converter within the Quantum Dimension, and spawn a few Dust Blazes. Payback is both swift and thorough. And the formerly cold and dreary world is ready for a nice vacation home. Though it's not a bad idea to have a Dust Blaze or two on hand, just in case.

Building your own vacation paradise in the Quantum Dimension is as easy as putting down a Block Converter.

The Dust Blaze is your loyal viral protector, converting viral mobs into new friends (or food).

Quantum Crystal Monster:

In your travels in the Quantum Dimension, you will run across a powerful new boss, the Quantum Crystal Monster. Do not take this battle lightly, as he is very difficult to beat. You will need your best weapons, armor, and buffs to defeat him.
The Quantum Crystal Monster has several attacks: 
- The QCM Fireball, which causes both magic and explosive damage, and leaves behind Quantum Fire
- Explosive kick damage when in close contact
- Random negative potion effects, including blindness and nausea
- Spawns minions at random intervals

- The Quantum Crystal Monster also has his own boss music (which can be turned off via the Config settings)
- Can see players wearing the Shadow Suit when close by
- Leaves behind a trail of viral Quantum Stone in the Overworld
- Lives in his own dungeon in the Quantum Dimension

This one will kill you. Many times.

Amazing Armor and Weapons:

Black Iron comes from Meteorite Ore (yes, black iron has zinc and other stuff that comes from meteorites). Then make LEDs and Black Iron Ingots, and use these to make a very interesting suit: The Nano Suit!

When you wear the whole thing, you do more overall damage, and you get additional buffs, including a throwable twirling saber of death!

Ores in the Quantum Dimension allow you to create great new armor sets with special set bonuses:

The Quantum Suit, which gives you additional speed and night vision, and jump boost.

The Shadow Suit, which renders you invisible to Quantum Mobs and gives you teleportation when holding the Shadow Saber.

The Fiery Suit, which gives you immunity to Quantum Fire and gives you bonus damage when holding the Fiery Saber.

PLUS tons more items, blocks, and other surprises! Check the Wiki for recipes and an explanation of all the new machines!

Please feel free to use this mod in any modpack, both public and private. There is no need to notify or ask us, please just mention it in the pack if you do make it public.



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