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Create: Molten Geodes


For 1.20, try an updated version of this mod: Create: Molten Vents

Molten Geodes is a mod which adds a renewable source of the orestones found in the Create mod. These ore stones include: Veridium, Asurine, Crimsite, & Ochrum.
The geodes contain dormant orestones scattered through them, which when activated with TNT will convert into molten orestones which will convert lava into the corresponding orestone when near it.
There are many configurable options for this mod to suit everybody's playstyle.

IMPORTANT: To activate the dormant orestones you must place a TNT directly above them. This will explode the visual debris on the texture of the block and convert it into a molten orestone, allowing it to make contact with and begin converting lava into the orestones.
Also important: If you use this mod with one which makes the oceans notably deeper, you will want to adjust the config of this mod prior to creating your world so that the geodes do not generate floating in the ocean.

Currently added geodes include:
- Brass Geode (Rare geode that contains both Veridium & Asurine, the orestones needed to create brass)
- Veridium Geode
- Asurine Geode
- Crimsite Geode
- Ochrum Geode

This mod may be used in any modpack.

This image is of these geodes configured to generate in a custom dimension which can be found here: Inversia - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge