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Create: Molten Vents

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Molten Vents is a mod which adds a renewable source of the orestones found in the Create mod, and by extension the many resources that can be processed from them.

Dormant Vent

How to use:

  • Locate a vent; Vents are found anywhere on the surface, but are more easily found underwater. (Configurable)
  • Dig out the blocks inside of the vent until you find a block that looks like the orestones the vent is made of except with magma on it, that is the dormant orestone.
  • Explode the dormant orestone by any means.
  • Notice that the dormant molten vent is now an active molten vent by seeing the magma in it become brighter.
  • Dump lava (preferrably via an automated method) on the active molten vent and watch as the lava turns into the corresponding orestone.
  • Process the orestones into resources, or use them for building.

Default Vents:

  • Veridium Vent
  • Asurine Vent
  • Crimsite Vent
  • Ochrum Vent
  • Scorchia Vent
  • Scoria Vent

How to add a custom molten block

Just add the name of the block to this list (a .json file that generates in the mods folder)


Then make a datapack that adds these two jsons: data/molten_vents/molten_vents/blocks/conductive/exampleblock.json (You can add whatever blocks you want here but definitely include these three)

  "replace": false,
  "values": [

data/molten_vents/molten_vents/blocks/convertible/exampleblock.json (The lava can be changed to any other block and other blocks can be additionally added)

  "replace": false,
  "values": [

Then make a resourcepack that adds the blockstates, models, and textures for "molten_vents.active_molten_exampleblock.json" and "molten_vents.dormant_molten_exampleblock.json" (optional)

How to make a custom molten vent feature

Just recreate your own copy of the placed and configured feature jsons available in the base mod in the respective directories: data/worldgen/configured_feature/examplevent.json data/worldgen/placed_feature/examplevent.json Then add your placed feature to the forge biome modifiers: data/yourdatapackname/forge/biome_modifier/add_vents.json

Examples are here:


This mod may be used in any modpack.

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