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The Mod That Just Adds Cotton

Tired of boring, old leather armour?

Don't like killing all the innocent looking cows?

Well, now you don't have to with cotton balls you can make cotton clothes! made from 100% organic matter!




This mod was made for a modpack where you could get string without making a mob spawner

Punch Grass > find cotton seeds > Grow Seeds > get Cotton > make string or armour and BOOM! you finished the cotton mod

 Enjoy Cotton!

As of Version 0.7.7, you can now put unused seeds in a composter!

As of Version 0.7.6, you can get seeds from grass and tall grass (like wheat seeds)

Note: Version 0.7.5 and lower don't have this loot table so you will have to add a way to get the seed (sifting/sluicing/etc) with KubeJS or other loot adding utility


This Mod Adds:

- Cotton Plant ( Supports BotanyPots as of v0.7.4


- Cotton Armor ( Added as of v0.0.7.4 - dyeable as of v0.7.5 )


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