Cotton Scripting API

586 Downloads Last Updated: May 12, 2019 Game Version: 1.14.1

This project requires Fabric.


Cotton Scripting allows you to run scripting languages from data packs. This means you can use JavaScript, Python, Lua, Ruby, and more to program server-side experiences similar to vanilla functions. 


Disclaimer: Currently, the environment for scripting is "bring your own interpreter". Cotton Scripting does not add any interpreters on its own, but JavaScript support is natively included in Java, and support for other languages can be added through add-on mods. Multiple interpreter add-ons are planned for release soon.


To add a script, put it in a datapack in the "data/<namespace>/scripts" folder. Run a /reload on the server side and it will be ready to call. Use the /script command as an op or from a command block to run a script.



For more detailed information, please view the wiki.


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