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This mod was made on commission! If you want your own custom mod made at a reasonable price, click here!


IMPORTANT: This mod required LEMONLIB to be installed

LESS IMPORTANT: This mod optionally depends on Patchouli (Recomended since it adds a guide book)




Corvus is a magic mod based around nature and the world around you. 


New in 1.2.0!

Full Changelog Here



Getting started

Most features in Corvus don't require you to do anything to unlock.

Spells do however require you to unlock the "Awaken" advancement. See your advancement list for more information and the steps to take after that!



Corvus rituals are performed by throwing the required items near a candle and lighting it.

Ritual recipies are avalible in JEI, see the usages for the "candle"!


Awaken: Diamond, Emerald, Crystal Quartz, Wormwood, Oil of Growth

- Soul Forge: Wormwood, Golden Apple

- Astral Projection: Crystal Quartz, Oil of Protective Winds



Spells must be unlocked before you can use them, see your advacements for a guide. Spells can be selected  from within the "Grimoire".

Press the cast key (default C) to cast.


- Corvus Flap: Call upon the power of the crow, leap great distances

- Conceal: Darkness shrouds you and you become undetectable

- Canis Familiar: Summon a great beast from the unknown to aid you in battle


Crops & Trees

Corvus featutes 1 new tree and 2 new crops. 

Frankincense trees can be found in Savanna biomes.

Lavender seeds can be found in plains

Wormwood seeds can be found in roofed forests


All crops and trees from Corvus require a candle of growth to grow.



Coming Soon

Config Options
Crafttweaker support



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