Corundum Meadows

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Corundum Meadows - mod adding new colorful biomes, useful items, more than 23 new mobs with their own interactions and one boss, new structures, new music disc, new achievements, as well as many decorative blocks. Additionally, it also improves the standard lowland biomes.

Mod created with MCreator.


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 New resource. Found in caves about the same rarity as diamonds, but much more common in lowland biomes.

 Participates in most of the new recipes, as well as in the creation of explosion proof blocks.




Corundum Amulet


 Increases your survival rate for a short time when used.



Corundum Abrasive 


 Allows you to repair your tools while you are on the road, but removes all enchant effects from your tools.



Corundum Chisel

Turns various stone blocks into bricks when you press RMB (if the tool is in the main hand),

and also into their carved versions (if the tool is in the spare hand).



Corundum Machete 


It allows you to most effectively destroy foliage, and also serves as a good weapon.

Will be useful in destroying the foliage of magnolia trees.


Corundum Hayfork

Effectively destroys mossy blocks while extracting mossy cover. Can also be used as a shovel.



Diamond Multi Tool and Netherite Multi Tool



Standard multi-tools. In addition to efficient extraction of any type of blocks, they are also able to cut wood,

create paths, and also dig up beds (if the tool is in the spare hand).



Corundum Sword



 Reinforced Netherite Sword. In addition to higher characteristics, it also increases the XP you gain in battle.



Corundum Sack

Small bag for carrying things. Has a built-in trash can.

Also does not burn in fire.



Feathered Helmet

Increases your movement speed while equipped.



Corundum Bio Recycling Station 

A device that allows you to process plant or natural materials, like seeds,

seedlings or rotten flesh, into mysterious fruits. Eating fruit will give you some XP.




Ancient Corundum Pickaxe

After defeating the Corundum Guard, you can create this tool.
The pickaxe has 3 levels. At the first level, it is a fairly effective
but not particularly durable pickaxe. For pumping to the second level,
a netherite ingot is used. At the second level, the pickaxe is mined at
great speed. To level up to the third level, you need a netherite alloy.
At the third level, the tool mines 3X3 at high speed, while holding down
the SHIFT key, the pickaxe will dig one block at a time.

Reverse and Positive Transformer

A reverse transformer converts a resource into three
copies of a less valuable resource.
A Positive Transformer converts three copies of a specific
resource into one more valuable resource.



Meadow Moss

It can cover both earth and stone. Mossy cover can be obtained with a shovel by right-clicking on a block.

It can also be spread using bone meal (be careful when growing meadow moss, it can replace any blocks).




There are many new plants in the new biomes. Meadow spikes can be grown from bone meal,

and Achillea Millefolium and Fluffy Flower can grow a giant version with magnolia pollen.

Giant fluffy flower


Meadow Grapes

Occurs as a two-block plant. Comes with and without berries.Grapes can be converted into seeds and planted on any land.

Has 3 stages of growth, the crop can be harvested on the right button of the mouse. Fertilize with bone meal.



A new kind of tree. It is the main source of Magnolia Flowers. To grow a tree, you need to apply magnolia pollen to the seedling.

When foliage is destroyed, Wild Magnolia may appear. Many decorative blocks  can be created from wood.


Meadow Tree

 The main source of Meadow fruits. Magnolia pollen is also required for cultivation. When foliage is destroyed, Fruti may appear.


Frosty Mandarin

A fruit with a very specific production method. To get it, you need to defrost a block very similar to a block of dense ice with the help of a heated thermal stone.

Travel to cold biomes looking for blocks of ice that have a different texture then right-click on a block of frozen fruit with a heated thermal stone.


Meadow Turnip

Found in Onion Meadows. You can always plant it back into the ground by holding Shift.

Can be turned into seeds and planted in the garden.



 Meadow Rodent


Found in lowland biomes. Have multiple types. You can tame it with watermelons or meadow fruits. Tamed Rodents can be bred and fed with meadow fruit syrup.To raise a small rodent, feed it with watermelon seeds. Feeding your pet with syrup, you will receive various golden foods in return.


Tundra Rodent

A species of rodent that lives in cold biomes. Tameable with Frosty Mandarin. You can feed a tamed rodent with Cooling Syrup for which it will give things similar to a meadow rodent but with a higher probability. In order for the cub of the tundra rodent to grow up, feed it with pumpkin seeds.





The aggressive creature spawns at night in lowland biomes. Are at enmity with Terrorbird.

You can create your own handmade Ratata by tamed Rodent with Specific Syrup.

With further feeding, it will give dubious things.





Found in small groups in lowland biomes. They are neutral towards the player, but they hunt Meadow Rodent, Sheep and Pigs.You can grow your own Terrorbird. To do this, find the egg in Corundum Meadows. Then place it in the feather nest. Warm the egg with a thermal stone until the chick hatches (by pressing the right mouse button with a heated thermal stone on the egg in the nest). In the future, you have to feed the chick with rodent meat and sooner or later he will grow up. You can equip an adult bird with a special saddle and use it as a fast mount capable of transporting things, helping you in battle, and also exchanging some types of meat for other resources. 


Hawk Moth Caterpillars

Found in forest and lowland biomes. When fed on foliage,
it will cocoon, allowing you to summon your Hawk Moth.


Hawk Moths


There are 4 types: Moon Hawk, Forest Hawk, Wine Hawk and Dead Head. Found in various biomes.You will be able to give them Magnolia Flowers for which you will receive various basic items, of which Magnolia Pollen is.

Dead Head is an exception. She needs to be given Dried Magnolia Flowers, and in return the moth gives completely different items.

You can get each type of Hawk Moth Caterpillar Egg, allowing you to grow your Hawk Moth.




Shy creature. It is quite rare. If you can give him Fortified Syrup, Fruti will turn into Poofy.  


Poofy (Skiploom) 


If you give Poofy the Golden Meadow Fruit, it will grant you luck for 3 minutes in return. 

Living Turnip

New mob, lives in the Onion Meadows. May spawn when you harvest Meadow Turnip.

You can pollinate it with magnolia pollen and get a bulb flower which serves as a good remedy.


Eared Sniffer

Found in Onion Meadows. Hunts for live turnip. If you feed him a turnip, he will defend the territory from monsters for several minutes like a golem.

When a sniffer kills someone preemptively, he can chip off a piece of his claw.

From a claw, you can make a needle that serves in crafting healing patches.


Mushroom Crab



Dwells in Mushroom Meadows. If the player gave him mushrooms, then for them with a certain chance he will

receive bone meal or gunpowder if it is nether mushrooms.


White Catfish



It is found in river reservoirs. When feeding with kelp, it can give its caviar.

There is also a young version of the catfish, it can be scooped into a bucket,

called with the help of caviar and grown with the help of kelp.


Elk Buffalo



Found in cold biomes. Neutral to the player. You can tame him with the Frosty Mandarin. A tamed Buffalo can be fitted with one of two types of saddles, or trimmed with scissors. A  cargo saddle will give you a pretty heavy lift mount. The armored saddle, in turn, will make your pet a combat vehicle that will attack everything in its path.

Tamed Bison can be bred (only if they are bareback). You can speed up the growth of a young buffalo with wheat or blocks of wheat. When growing up, a horn falls out of it, these horns can be used to make a helmet that has a high knockback resistance, which does not allow you to be pushed away in battle.



Ancient Titanium Turtle

Found in lowland biomes. Neutral to the player. You can tame her with the Mysterious Fruits, after which she will allow you to use the Corundum Chisel to chop off a piece of her  shell, which can be melted into a turtle's shield. You can also prepare a turtle power potion from the shard.

With the help of fragments of a titanium turtle, you can improve the turtle shell. Such a helmet will give you increased protection but at the same time slow it down, but as soon as you enter the water, the slowdown will subside and you will get underwater breathing



Mossy Golem

It is found on the plains and attacks all monsters protecting the surrounding area.

You can meet him sleeping and carry with you in the form of a statue, you can also revive and heal with the help of a bulb flower.



Extremely unpleasant creatures. They live in arid biomes. Both the larva and the adult cause the player

to starve when they are nearby. Larvae often hide in crops and beds. With a rare chance, an adult can drop a mandible.

From mandibles, you can make a sword that removes all healing effects from the target and imposes hunger on it.


Blooming Zombie and Wild Magnolia


Two interlocking monsters. Wild Magnolia hunts in groups for zombies and the player after turning them into Blooming Zombies,which further help the bloom spread. Blooming Zombie does not burn in the sun and after death summons 1-3 Wild Magnolia.

Both monsters are extremely vulnerable to fire.




A fairly rare mob mostly spawns in caves. Avoids the player. It is the source of Corundum,as well as a rare chance of a music disc.


Corundum Guardian

New Boss. Found in most lowland biomes when turned off. Activated as soon as the player gets too close. With proper equipment, it does not pose a great threat, but it should not be underestimated. The boss is immune to most of the ranged weapons, can periodically accelerate, create explosive crystals and self-heal.

If you defeat him, you will see the pilot of this vehicle. You have to choose to kill or spare (by pressing the right mouse button), and the reward will depend on your choice.




๐Ÿ“•Additional Information


Many new food sources have been added to the mod.

Each has its own properties.


Additional settings

When creating a world, you can disable the appearance of a particular mob if you do not want it to appear in your world.



Winemaker's House


Sorcerer's tower


Altar of Corundum


Mushroom House


House Of The Seamstress




Leatherworker's Hut


Mossy Statue




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