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Hey Modpackers,


This mod is a server sided mod focused on features extending the user and admin abilities.

This mod takes lots of the features of the old essentials-plugin for bukkit but also adds some new ones.

The main advantage of this mod is that is doesn't need to be installed on a client! You as a server owner can put this mod simply into your server's mods folder and all the features are enabled! So this mod can be a good addition to modpack-servers that don't have such features.


Since CoreIO this mod needs BaseIO to work. An automated way to install BaseIO with CoreIO is on the way.


Feature overview:

  • Localization with completely changeable texts
  • A simple permission system, compatible with Vault (and going to accept FTBUtilities)
  • Implementation of the HelpFixer mod
  • /rain, /storm, /sun
  • /warp, /setwarp, /delwarp
  • /tpa, /tpaall, /tpahere, /tpdeny, /tpaccept
  • /day, /night
  • /setspawn, /spawn
  • /home, /sethome, /delhome, /sendhome
  • /gm, /survival, /creative, /adventure, /spectator, /gmt
  • /mail, /respond
  • /mute, /muteglobal
  • Better /msg
  • /back, /dback
  • /bind, /unbind
  • /break
  • /crontab
  • /feed
  • /fly
  • /god
  • /heal
  • /inventory
  • /invsee
  • /jump
  • /kickall
  • /kit
  • /lightning
  • /mods
  • /more
  • /motd
  • /near
  • /nick
  • /ontime
  • /ping
  • /pvp
  • /rules
  • /seen
  • /servermotd
  • /serverstats
  • /sleep
  • /sudo
  • /suicide
  • /tempban
  • /top
  • /tpx
  • /trash
  • /vanish
  • /whatis
  • /workbench





  1. Free to use and share with any modpack
  2. Free to use with Technic Solder
  3. Don't distribute anywhere else
  4. Don't make money of it in any way
  5. Usage must comply with Minecraft Eula

Video for one of the early versions:


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