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latest builds for Minecraft 1.10 and 1.7.10 can be found on our Jenkins build server


Update 20170122: Development will start again slowly! Test as much as possible and tell us any bugs you can find. The latest versions are incompatible with any previous versions.


BaseIO is a library mod for all the mods of the UnitedWorldMiners team ( It is intended to be used for server-sided mods including

  • Generalized Player-Based data storage system
  • Server-sided localizations
  • Simple command creation with much easier tab completions
  • Generalized Updater module with an update manager
  • ...and lots of other util classes for standard utils like
    • rayTrace
    • UUID to username conversion and back
    • ItemStack serialization
    • Inventory-based menus




CI (Jenkins):




TS3: (Main language: German, English also appreciated)


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