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Filename tombstone-7.4.1-1.18.jar
Uploaded by Corail_31
Uploaded Feb 17, 2022
Game Version 1.18.1   +2
Size 1.38 MB
Downloads 258,475
MD5 72b06ab587e88fa2ac701a9a958c93e0
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 17
Supported Minecraft 1.18 Versions


This mod supports mc version from 1.8.9 to 1.18.1
Minecraft Version = [1.18.1] - Forge Version [39.0.0+] - Java 17
Latest : 7.4.1 - Recommended : 7.4.1

Changes 7.4.1:
- resetting the perks requires to use the left click with the ankh
- fixes book of recycling with recipes keeping some ingredients (#44)
- config to disable the items seeker rod & strange hat
Changes 7.4.0:
- all prayers on entities require to maintain the action during the animation
- pray of empathy
- improves the scroll of reach
- prevents the ankh from using left click and increases the range to pray on entities
- perk 'concentration' decreases the casting time with the ankh
- adapts visibility in water (to be similar to others versions)
Changes 7.3.8:
- reduces minimal forge version to 39.0.0
- simplify particles moving around entities into one unique particle
- simplify magic circle when using items with a particle
- fixes book of recycling with damageable items (fix #36)
- compat with optifine (and forge 39.0.57+)
- subcommand /tbknowledge alignment
- advancements for smoke ball
Changes 7.3.7:
- compat with forge versions 39.0.57+ (about grave guardian armor layer)
- fixes the display of smoke when graphics options are set to 'fabulous'
- minimum forge version 39.0.17
Changes 7.3.6:
- improve particles to be similar to 1.12.2
- re-add client config for fog period
- lost tablets localize better where structures can be found
- new item Smoke Ball (doing nothing)
- tooltip for anvil craft
- remove config 'fishing_treasure_in_open_water' (as there's now a fishing marker)
- fix the y position of the toast the first time it appears

Changes 7.3.5:
- client config to allow to display a fishing marker when using the Rod of Misadventure (showing if you're in a place 'in openwater' with potential rare loots)
- client config to allow to display the item tooltip icons about combination
- marker type 'wing' & 'music note' for showing distant place in client config
- combine in inventory: magic scrolls, magic tablets & grave plate
- combinations check if items are disabled in config
- adapts soul particle to appear/disappear faster
- lost tablet types are defined sooner
- change the loot function 'inBundle' to 'asGift' for advancement reward (gift diseappears when the content is revealed)
- fixes 'combine in inventory' when the player is not in creative mode (fix #37)
- fixes recipe to craft Ankh (gold ore was expected to be a gold ingot)
Changes 7.3.4:
- voodoo poppet protections are added by combining in inventory
- magic dusts are created by combining with grave's dust (combinations are visible in JEI)
- remove crafting recipe for voodoo poppet & magic dusts
- item tooltip displays icons for combinable items
- remove compat MouseTweaks disabling RMBTweak (no more needed in recent versions of that mod)
- remove level requirement for familiar receptacle
- adapt field of view for strange hat
- fix tablet of cupidity
Changes 7.3.3:
- different way to display the distant places more compatible with some optifine shaders (& improvement)
-> a client config allows to get the old "colored box" (/tbgui)
- the undead merchant trades strange hat and seeker rod
- adapts the villager gift (for next year)
- compat DeathCompass
- replaces dust icon
Changes 7.3.2:
- a little thought for Christmas
- fixes the display of the bar of knowledge
Changes 7.3.1:
- re-add mixin hooks (anvil empty name, repair cost zero, fishing rod, ghostly render, prevent player xp balls & compat)
- fix the graves not saving datas on disconnect (~saveAdditional)
Changes 7.3.0:

- initial port to 1.18
- minimum forge version 38.0.4