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Filename tombstone-6.7.1-1.16.5.jar
Uploaded by Corail_31
Uploaded Jan 25, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 1.29 MB
Downloads 88,082
MD5 11db207ba02dbb945c6e188a3c01e70c
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


This mod supports mc version from 1.8.9 to 1.18.1
Minecraft Version = [1.16.5] - Forge Version [36.2.0+]
Latest : 6.7.1 - Recommended : 6.6.3

Changes 6.7.1:
- client config for markerType for distant places (wing, spark, music note and the old way colored box)
- client config to allow to display a fishing marker when using the Rod of Misadventure (showing if you're in a place 'in openwater' with potential rare loots)
- improve particles
- new item Smoke Ball (doing nothing)
- the undead merchant trades strange hat and seeker rod
- adapts the villager gift (for next year)
- advancement rewards are given in an item 'gift' to open
- fixes recipe to craft Ankh (gold ore was expected to be a gold ingot)
- lost tablet types are defined sooner
- replaces dust icon
- remove config 'fishing_treasure_in_open_water' (as there's now a fishing marker)
- remove level requirement for familiar receptacle
Changes 6.7.0:
  (version removed due to a 'wrong side' error)
Changes 6.6.3:
- a little thought for Christmas
- fixes the display of the bar of knowledge
- fixes Scroll of Knowledge (due to last change)
- reduces the mixin version requirement
Changes 6.6.2:
- change the model of the book of disenchantment to be colorable & add 3 book variants
- compat GraveStone & Corpse (relying on the client config denyGrave /tbgui, so it's possible to have them on the same time)
- improve compat with Enigmatic Legacy
- remove the message for incompatible mods
- config for the lost xp during the transfer in a scroll of knowledge
Changes 6.6.1:
- compat Curios (auto-equip curio items having only the item tag)
- compat Enigmatic Legacy
- aquatic life increases the break speed underwater
- improve client events
- the cooldown of 10 seconds to nerf Shadow Step when opening a chest wasn't applied
- the concentration casting speed bonus was lower than expected
- the message when a voodoo poppet fails to protect wasn't displayed
Changes 6.6.0:
- fix anvil empty name (MC-124327) + config fix_anvil_custom_name (default is true)
- fix repaircost:0 added by anvil/grindstone (MC-125046/MC-181109) preventing theses items to stack + config fix_repair_cost_zero (default is true)
- remove config to restrict shadow step to players (it's now limited to players) & cache discretion modifiers
- compat Astral Sorcery to ignore the temporary bonus on enchantments provided by this mod (config astralSorceryIgnoreEnchantmentBonus, default is false)
- config perkProgressionScale to define how you can upgrade a perk to higher level based on your current level in Knowledge of Death (default is a step of 2, old way is 1)
-> some perks got their cost reduced with this change, or their max level
- remove the perk 'tomb_raider': it's still possible to get the advancements by opening a grave requiring no access (based on the config decayTime) that you're not the owner and haven't the key
Changes 6.5.5:
- fix interaction with the undead merchant during halloween (couldn't update the new trades leading to a crash)