Corail Tombstone

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Filename tombstone-4.1.3-1.14.4.jar
Uploaded by Corail_31
Uploaded Sep 12, 2019
Game Version Forge
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MD5 f9b06173d8ae4b6f97cefbd7ddf8bb87
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


This mod supports mc version from 1.8.9 to 1.14.4
Minecraft Version = [1.14.4] - Forge Version [28.1.0+]
Latest : 4.1.3 - Recommended : 4.1.2

Changes 4.1.3 :

  • - update for forge 28.1.0 (required changes)

Changes 4.1.2 :

  • - improve the command tbrecovery to work the same way as 1.12.2 (no need to relog with load)
  • - allow to recover a backup for an offline player (/tbrecovery load_offline <uuid> [save])
  • - allow to teleport "entity being not a player" with command
  • - teleport mount and passengers (& remount) like in 1.12.2 (~ Brandon Core)
  • - Shadow Step has higher malus when in daylight, higher bonus when sneaking and is staged in 5 levels

Changes 4.1.1 :

  • - config option to allow players to be hurt by the special damages done by some items (default is true)
  • - true sight always reveals invisible creatures
  • - always limit the Shadow Step enchantment to level 3 (as the formula is scaled on this limit)
  • - item capability for soulConsumer items (for soft dependency)
  • - ensure the Ankh of Pray to break when no more durability
  • - fix the Scroll of Preservation not working for restored effects
  • - keep player capability on return from End #83 (for me, it's forge bug according to the forge doc 1.13)

Changes 4.1.0 :

  • - config in game for all the client configs (elytra preference, color for texts on plate, ...)
  • - rework the plate on graves (also reduces the size)
  • - custom sizable buttons for color selection
  • - allow the Travel Bag to be auto-equipped again
  • - graves rotate smoothly in the gui to select the favorite grave
  • - the tablet of recall is more flexible to let you change your bind with sneaking over grave
  • - fix z-fighting with the plate on the new grave model
  • - fix the y position of the name of the grave model selected in the tombstone gui

Changes 4.0.0 :

- new grave model
- variant for texture for graves
- rework the code to generate the collision bounds
- buttons in the Tombstone Gui to changes your grave model when dying (and so validate the related advancement) - some are limited to Contributors
- some improvments about auto-equip (similar to the last change in 1.12.2)
- separate the advancements for recipe unlocked from the tutorial advancements (similar a previous change in 1.12.2)
- new marble (white marble)
- change the weight of some entries in tombstone's loottables
- the plate is displayed on "engraved graves" when in inventory
- additional support in JEI for theses changes (subtype interpreter)