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This mod breathes new life into copper, providing exciting features to explore. Discover a variety of fresh blocks, items, and powerful weapons, tools, and armor, each with unique interactions and mechanics. Embrace the enhanced copper experience, adding depth and excitement to your gameplay while addressing the previous lack of practical uses for this versatile material. Read below to learn more.


Plenty of Advancements!





Can you backport to X version of Minecraft? Sorry, but backporting is not currently planned.

Where can I post bug reports, feedback, questions, or showcase my builds using the Copperworks mod? A public Discord is planned for discussion of the mod, in the meantime take advantage of the CurseForge comment section.

Can I use this in my modpack? Yes, as long as credit is provided.





Copper Plate


The Copper Plate is a new item added that is used for crafting the majority of new blocks and items.


Iron Plate


The Iron Plate is a new item added that is used for crafting some of the new blocks and items. As a result of it's recipe conflicting with the vanilla Iron Trap Door recipe, the Iron Trap Door and Iron Bar recipes have been changed.


Copper Battery & Deactivated Redstone


This block is the heart of the mod and is needed to gain access to certain items, charge certain blocks, and has its own unique redstone functionality, as shown below. As seen, by placing a lightning rod and a Redstone Block above or below the battery and then sending a redstone signal to the battery, the Redstone Block's energy is drained and a Deactivated Redstone block is created. It can be converted back to a regular Redstone Block by powering the battery again. This can be useful for creating a toggle and is a simple alternative for something like a T-Flip Flop.

Batteries can also interact with Noteblocks. By connecting a Noteblock to a battery in the same manner as shown, the Copper Battery will change the pitch of the Noteblock. If the Noteblock is above the battery, the pitch will be increased when the battery receives a redstone signal. If the Noteblock is below the Copper Battery, the pitch will be decreased. Keep in mind that Noteblocks will not play any sound when a block is above it.

Also, see the Copper Clock section to learn how the battery interacts with it.


Engineer (Villager Profession)


The Engineer is a new profession that is added, whose workbench is the new Coppy Battery block. The Engineer currently sells various useful redstone components like Redstone Repeaters, Dispensers, and Rails. It also offers several of the newly added items from the mod. The Engineer also interacts with the new copper tool, weapon, and armor piece. Throwing one of the valid items at the villager will allow the villager to pick up the item and upgrade it after around 30 seconds.


Copper Sensor


The Copper Sensor can be used to detect the presence of any living entity (Players, Skeletons, Zombies, Pigs, etc.). It also must first be charged by placing it on the top or bottom of a Copper Battery. The time to charge is random, but after being charged, you do not need to re-charge the Copper Sensor. After charging, you can then break the block to receive a Charged Copper Sensor.


By default, it has a detection radius of 5 blocks. This radius can be upgraded/expanded by right-clicking the Copper Sensor with Dragon's Breath. Be careful; the upgrades do not persist if you break the Copper Sensor. The sensor also cannot detect any invisible mobs or any mobs hidden behind opaque blocks.


Copper Relay


The Copper Relay allows for sending and receiving redstone signals wirelessly. It is a mid to late-game block, as it requires an echo shard to craft. Alternatively, you can receive Copper Relays by trading with an Engineer. It also must first be charged by placing it on the top or bottom of a Copper Battery. The time to charge is random, but after being charged, you do not need to re-charge the Copper Relay. After charging, you can then break the block to receive a Charged Copper Relay.


The Charged Copper Relay can be placed down and then right-clicked with an amethyst shard to start the bounding process. Right-click another Charged Copper Relay to complete the bounding process. These two Bound Copper Relays will now be synced and emit a redstone signal when it's bound counterpart is charged.


Copper Clock


The Copper Clock is a simple block that emits a redstone signal at a set interval. The interval is configurable (1 second by default) and can be changed by right-clicking the block with an empty hand. The max number of seconds is 12 seconds. You can also shift-click the block to decrement the seconds instead of incrementing.

The Copper Clock can also interact with the Copper Battery by attaching it to a Lightning Rod either on the top or bottom. When the Copper Battery receives a redstone signal, it will reset the clock's countdown process.


Sticky Copper

Sticky Copper
is a simple block that will keep non-player mobs that walk on it in place.


Copper Frame


The Copper Frame is a simple block inspired by the Angel Block from the mod Extra Utilities. It does not need a solid surface to be placed, so it can be very handy when building. It will always place within a 4-block range unless shifting. While shifting, it will only place within a 1-block range. It also will instantly return to your inventory after breaking it. Convenient for building structures mid-air.


Redstone Lantern


The Redstone Lantern is a new lantern with the unique to be toggled on and off. However, the lantern can only be placed if attached to a chain block. To toggle the lantern off, connect it with a chain to a Copper Battery and then power the Copper Battery.

Copper Container

The Copper Container can hold a singular block. Its primary function is interacting with the Copper Siphon. Placing a filled Copper Container on a Copper Siphon's input will allow for the Copper Siphon to place the block from the Copper Container. For more information, see the Copper Siphon section.

Copper Siphon


The Copper Siphon is a block with many uses. Its essential function is converting an input into a different form, with the input being the front side with a black opening and the output being the backside with a white opening. The Copper Siphon has a unique interaction with the Copper Container block, in which the Copper Siphon will place any block contained in a Copper Container (must be facing the Copper Siphon's input). The placement/orientation of the placed block is dependent on the redstone signal given to the Copper Siphon. See below for the correlating direction-to-redstone signal.


Redstone Signal-Based Directional Placement:


  • Signal Strengths 15-11: Places block facing Up.
  • Signal Strengths 10-9: Places block facing Down.
  • Signal Strengths 8-7: Places block facing North.
  • Signal Strengths 6-5: Places block facing South.
  • Signal Strengths 4-3: Places block facing West.
  • Signal Strengths 2-0: Places block facing East.



Listed below are the current conversions that can be performed using the Copper Siphon. Note that the Siphon requires a redstone signal. Some conversions also have after-effects.




After Effects:


Undead Action: There is a small chance to spawn an undead mob (zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, etc.). The mob spawned also has a chance to reflect the block it spawns on. If spawned on a snowblock, it has a chance to be a stray. If spawned on a sand block, it can be a Husk. However, if the block the mob spawns on isn't solid, it will either spawn a Vex or not spawn a mob.


Ender Action: There is a small chance to spawn an endermite.


[Input] Lava or Magma Block + [Output] Cauldron -> [Output] Lava Cauldron

[Input] Lava or Magma Block + [Output] Netherrack-> [Output] Magma Block

[Input] Lava or Magma Block -> [Output] Lava


[Input] Water, Waterlogged Block, Water Cauldron, or Wet Sponge + [Output] Dead Coral -> [Output] Coral

[Input] Water, Waterlogged Block, Water Cauldron, or Wet Sponge + [Output] Cauldron -> [Output] Water Cauldron
[Input] Water, Waterlogged Block, Water Cauldron, or Wet Sponge + [Output] Dirt -> [Output] Grass Block
[Input] Water, Waterlogged Block, Water Cauldron, or Wet Sponge + [Output] Waterloggable Block -> [Output] Waterlogged Block
[Input] Water, Waterlogged Block, Water Cauldron, or Wet Sponge -> [Output] Water

Other Fluids:
[Input] Other Fluid -> [Output] Other Fluid


[Input] Soul Sand -> [Input] Sand (Undead Action)

[Input] Soul Soil -> [Input] Dirt (Undead Action)

[Input] Crying Obsidian + [Output] Obsidian -> [Output] Crying Obsidian (random chance to duplicate)

[Input] End Stone -> [Output] Cobblestone (Ender Action)

[Input] Honey Block -> [Output] Slimeball
[Input] Container (Chest, Barrel, Shulker Box, etc.) with Chorus Fruit -> [Output] Rocket Boots Fuel


Copper Conduit


The Copper Conduit is a new block that provides nearby players with fire resistance. It requires a frame to be built around it, similar to the way its vanilla counterpart is built. However, the difference is that the frame must be built from Red Nether Bricks. Additionally, the conduit must have a lava-filled cauldron underneath it to activate the Copper Conduit. After activation, it will remain activated for 5 minutes before needing to be refilled with lava.

Note that the Copper Conduit can only be built in the Nether. If you attempt to build it outside of the Nether, it will result in a large explosion. However, building the frame without the lava cauldron and right-clicking the Copper Conduit with a fire charge will set the conduit into decorative mode. This works in every dimension, without explosion, and will result in the conduit emitting its particles without the need for lava. However, it won't give fire resistance in this state. 


Comparator Mirror


The Comparator Mirror is a new useful redstone component. It functions as a Redstone Comparator. However, instead of only reading the comparative signal from one side, it reads from all sides, and it's signal strength will now instead represent the number of sides that have items/provide a comparative signal. Furthermore, and more notably, the signal it emits is a pulse. This means that the Comparator Mirror can be used adjacent to droppers/dispensers for continuous vertical transportation of items.

The Comparator Mirror also has an interaction with the Copper Battery. Connecting the Comparator Mirror to a Copper Battery with a Copper Rod, and then powering the battery, will result in the Comparator Mirror being toggled on/off.

Copper Lever


Copper Levers are essentially just buttons with longer pulses. Copper Levers will emit a redstone signal for 60 ticks (3 seconds). For reference, stone buttons emit a signal for 20 ticks (1 second), and wooden buttons emit a signal for 30 ticks (1.5 seconds).


Copper Patina

Copper Patina has a random chance to be obtained from scraping Oxidized Copper (any level). The Copper Patina can be reapplied to copper blocks to re-oxidize them. The Copper Patina also has the unique property of preventing mob spawns. Place the Copper Patina underneath a solid block, and that block will then be marked, and mobs will no longer spawn on top of it until the Copper Patina is removed. 


The Radio is a simple and rather gimmicky item that is added. Holding it in your hand and sending a chat message will instead broadcast the message to other players within range. Any players that do not own a radio or are not within range will not receive your message. Your message is also sent anonymously (although, your message is logged on the server for admins to see). Additionally, to receive radio messages, you do not have to have the item in your hand but rather anywhere in your inventory.


Copper Bracer

The Copper Bracer is a new chestplate piece crafted out of Copper Plates. It has the protective value of a leather chestplate. While having low protective value, the Copper Bracer can be dropped and given to a Villager of the Engineer profession to have him upgrade and enchant it for you. This can be a very useful mid to early-game armor piece.


Copper Broadsword

The Copper Broadsword is a new weapon that is added. It is not currently craftable but can be obtained by trading with a Villager of the Engineer profession, as it is one of the villager's Master trades. You can also give the Villager of the Engineer profession the Copper Broadsword after trading for it to have it upgraded (similar to the Copper Bracer).


Copper Drill

The Copper Drill is a new tool that has been added. It is not currently craftable but can be obtained by trading with a Villager of the Engineer profession, as it is one of the villager's Master trades. The Copper Drill can currently not be upgraded by a Villager of the Engineer. The tool has the same mining speed as a Gold Pickaxe and slightly more durability than a Diamond Pickaxe.


Rocket Boots

Rocket Boots aid Elytra flight by propelling the player in the direction they're looking. The boots will use fuel, indicated by purple particles from your feet. However, Rocket Boots will attempt to conserve fuel when the player has enough natural momentum.

Rocket Boots start with capacities of 0 but can hold up to 100 energy and fuel. To charge, right-click a Copper Battery with boots in hand. To fuel, place a container with Chorus Fruit at a Copper Siphon's input. Then, stand by its output. With a redstone signal, the siphon mashes the fruit into fuel.

Note that flying consumes fuel, energy, and durability. To conserve fuel and energy hold shift mid-flight. This is also advantageous as it prevents damage from falling or crashing.






Textures - Myst

Redstone Lantern Model - Rustillery (permission given; original model/textures)

Developer - uhmbyee


Warning: The mod is currently in BETA. As updates to the mod are released, be careful when upgrading your world.