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Connectible Chains [FORGE]

Ported from legoatoom's original Fabric mod





Connectible Chains

Connect your fences and walls with a decorative chain!



Use the normal vanilla chain item on fences or walls, and you can create a chain for up to 7 blocks long.(Configurable up to 32 blocks)


These chains have collision but can be broken when attacking it with a shear.
Sneak on fences if you do want to place them normally.





If you have encountered any bugs or have some feedback, go to the GitHub issues page.


Other Information

If there are invisible collisions for some reason, hold a shear while
having entity hitboxes on (F3+B) to see the collisions and then attack them to remove them.


This Forge version is only updated when the Fabric version updates/minor bugfixes 

Please do not ask for ports.