Connectible Chains [Fabric]

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Connectible Chains

Connect your fences and walls with a decorative chain!




Connect your fences/walls with a decorative chain!

Use the normal vanilla chain item on fences or walls, and you can create a chain for up to 7 blocks long (Configurable to 32 with AutoConfig).

These chains have collision and can be broken when attacking it with a shear.
Sneak on fences if you do want to place them normally.




 (complementary-shaders used in the image)


If you have encountered any bugs or have some feedback, go to the GitHub [issues](https://github.com/legoatoom/ConnectibleChains/issues) page.



I will not be supporting versions lower than 1.19.4


Updating from 1.19.2 to 1.19.4

A lot changed in the code. I do not know what will happen when you update.\
You can expect funky behaviour.


Compatibility with other mods

Using data/c/tags/items/chains.json we check if an item can be used to make a catenary.
The code then assumes an item and blocktexture for the knot and catenary.
This implies that you can make anything a compatible chain, as long as you have textures available. For modded players, you need to add a data pack where you add tags for the modded chain items you want added.

See the example below to add blockus:golden_chain.

  "replace": false,
  "values": [



There is a Forge Port made for 1.18.2 Made by lilypuree https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/connectible-chains-forge

Other Information

If there are invisible collisions for some reason, hold a shear while having entity hitboxes on (F3+B) to see the collisions and then attack them to remove them.