Configured Keep Inventory


Configured Keep Inventory

This is a serverside fabric mod that allows you to control how many items leave and stay in your inventory when you die.

The mod uses commands to change config values, but you can change them manually by editing the inventory.json5 file located in your minecraft's config directory.



  • item droprate changes (Change the amount of items that fall)
  • item saved on death (If specified, a specific item will stay in your inventory no matter the droprate)
  • names saved on death (If specified, if the item is named (through an anvil), and the name of the item is in the config, that item will be saved)
  • Allows you to autofill your hunger if food is in your inventory
  • Totems activate anywhere in your inventory on death, not just in your hand/offhand
  • Players can teleport where a player has died or used a totem to help them out. (Disabled by default)
  • disabling of vanishing curse
  • disabling of the binding curse
  • Serverside command system to configure the mod
  • Mod Menu integration for integrated server (i.e singleplayer worlds)
  • Allows totems to work even if you /kill or fall into the void

Inventory Command

To interact with the mod, do /inventory to access the commands. A full t

  • /inventory
    •     set (number from 1 to 100) : sets the inventory droprate to a percentage. This percentage is the number of items that drop when you die
    •     on/off : turns the mod off or on
    •     info : gives you all the current config values for the mod
    •    add
      •      name (name): adds a name to the name save list. Items named with this name will not drop when you die
      •      item (item): adds an item to the item save list. These items will not drop when you die
    •    remove
      •      name (name) : removes a name from the name save list
      •      item (item) : removes an item from the item save list
    •   disable
      •      vanishing : turns off the vanishing curse
      •      binding : turns off the binding curse
    •   enable
      •      vanishing: reenables the vanishing curse
      •      binding : reenables the binding curse