Composable Automation (Fabric)

9,540 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 15, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2


This mod expands the ways you can automate in Minecraft without departing too far from the vanilla style. You won't find super smart blocks here that know exactly where and how to output items, or pipes that route items intelligently. This mod simply provides a set of simple mechanics, which when composed together with vanilla mechanics, enable more automation than what's possible in vanilla.


  • Dynamic Lamp: This is just like the redstone lamp, but its brightness depends on the strength of the redstone signal it receives.
  • Rotator: This block rotates the block above it every time it receives a redstone signal. It can be toggled between right-handed and left-handed mode. This can be combined with a Dropper to split items into multiple streams. It can't rotate extended pistons.
  • Chute: This waterloggable block has a single stack inventory and outputs items to the inventory you place it against, just like a hopper. Also just like a hopper, it can't face up. If you apply a redstone signal, it will hold on to the last item in its inventory. You can combine this mechanic with the Rotator to sort stackable items.
  • Grated Hopper: If you use Iron Bars on a Hopper, that hopper becomes a grated hopper. Grated hoppers only accept stackable items. You can use them to separate stackable and non-stackable items.
  • Photodetector: Comes in a red, a green, and a blue variant. When a colored block is placed in front of the Photodetector, the photodetector will output a full (15), half (8), or off (0) redstone signal depending on the color of the block.By default, works with wool, terracotta, stained glass, concrete, concrete powder, and shulker boxes. You can use them to encode multiple bits of data in a single block. Works with any blocks tagged with the following tags: "red", "green", "blue", "strong_red", "strong_green", and "strong_blue". 
  • Tweaks

Each of these tweaks can be disabled individually via the config.

  • Auto Planting: Plantable items (seeds, saplings, etc) will plant themselves after a few seconds if they are dropped on a suitable block. They won't plant if they're moving (say, through a water stream).
  • Dispenser Feeding: Dispensers will feed livestock if the item inside can be eaten by the animal directly in front of the dispenser. If you use mods that add new items edible by animals, you'll need to whitelist those items in the config. All vanilla items edible by animals are supported by default. This tweak has a small but existent chance of causing incompatibility with mods that add their own living entities, so you can disable it if that arises.
  • Dispenser Toggling: Dispensers with sticks will "toggle" blocks placed in front of the dispenser. For example, you can use this to switch modes on a repeater, open/close a door, activate a button, and much more. Works with any block tagged with the "toggleable" tag.
  • Exploding: Some items, when dropped in the world and exploded (say, with TNT) will transform into other items instead of being destroyed. For example, stone -> cobblestone -> gravel -> sand. Exploding gravel items also has a chance of dropping flint. Exploding recipes are configurable via data packs. Exploding also works with any ore to dust crushing recipes registered with Cotton ("c:crushing" recipe type).
  • Burning: Some items, when dropped in the world and lit on fire, will transform into another item for a moment before being destroyed. Catch the transformed item in a hopper or pick it up before it's destroyed. I recommend you build a machine to get the timing just right, every time. Burning recipes are configurable via data packs. Burning also works with any Campfire recipes.
  • Soaking: Some items will transform when dropped into a certain fluid. This doesn't have many recipes yet, but you can try it out with sponge -> wet sponge. As with Exploding and Burning, this is also configurable with data packs.


  • Nether Dust: Get it by Exploding the obvious block. In the future, Nether Dust will be useful for mass-producing TNT, so if easily accessible TNT messes up the balance of your mod pack, either don't use this mod or remove that recipe.

Recommended Mods

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