This small mod requires both Baules by Azanor and Traveller's Gear by BluSunrize.
It will generate a couple of scrolls in dungeon chests, what chests they generate in and how rare they are is completely configurable.

Besides the title, the scrolls also give you a unique rendering effect which can be seen by everyone (unless you are invisible).


Currently there are only a small number of rendering effects, however I'm planning to constantly add new ones. If you have an idea for one, don't be afraid to suggest it, just make sure you give a very clear description of what you are talking about, if possible also provide a link to an image and/or a video of it.


Currently implemented companions:

 - "Batman":


 - "Nature's Attendant":


 - "Mother of Dragons":


 - "Enchanter":


 - "The Missing Link":



Little remark:

The only impact this mod has on a server is that it takes one item ID, the rest is handled clientside only. If you are running on an older machine and you think some rendering effects are giving you fps drops, each rendering effect can be toggled individually in the config.