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Compact Ores

Compact Ores CompactOres is a Minecraft mod that adds ores which yield extra resources.
This mod is heavily inspired by RWTema's Dense Ores.


A compact ore is a block which mimics an ore from Minecraft or another mod. It has a different (automatically generated) texture from the ore block which it's based on, and drops several times more loot when broken.
Compact ores are defined in a configuration file. For more info, please see the github repository.

Cross-version compatibility

When updating between major Minecraft versions (e.g. 1.15 to 1.16), worlds with compact ores will not stay compatible.
If a world is updgaded anyway, all compact ores will disappear.

Is this compatible with resource packs?

Using this mod in combination with a resource pack is possible, but you will most likely run into some problems.
Even if the resource pack you're using contains all of the textures relevant for making a compact ore texture, it may be necessary to tweak some configuration parameters for the best results.
If the resource pack only contains some textures, the resulting compact ore textures will look like a mess in most cases. The texture can still be tweaked by changing configuration parameters, and the quality of the resulting texture heavily depends on the resource pack itself.
Despite these problems, it is definitely worth it to try to use a resource pack and see what the results look like, and then decide for yourself whether or not you want to keep the resource pack or not.

Can you add support for <insert mod name here>?

While I try to support many of the more popular mods out there, I can't possibly add support for all mods that generate ores.
However, because all compact ores are defined in the configuration file (1.14 .minecraft/config/compactores.toml, 1.15 .minecraft/config/compactores/README.toml, 1.18 .minecraft/config/compactores/AAA_README.toml), it is possible for anyone to add support for ores that are not included by default. Information on what parameters are available in the configuration file, and what their exact functionality is, can be found in the default configuration file as well as in the readme in the github repository.
In some cases, properly adding support for an ore might not be possible because compact ores is lacking support for a feature that is used by the mod adding the ore. In these cases, check if someone else has already reported this, and if not, tell me about the missing feature and I will try to add support.
Multiple textures, one of which is chosen at random are currently unsupported without a good way to add such support.

Can you make a 1.12.2 version?

No, stop asking already.
And if you're looking for an even older Minecraft version, just use Dense Ores.

Translation credits

Chinese: liuseniubi
Russian: NeverMall

Modpack Policy

Feel free to use this mod in any modpack without asking for permission.