Feeling like you need to have control over what commands players are using on your server? Need to destroy that nasty repeating command block sending /kill @e?

Command Spy

MIT License Working server-side Working in singleplayer


 A mod that logs commands, executed by players or command blocks, to console or OPs (players with permission). Additionally, position of command block and player uuid is appended to message.



  • Supports blacklisting commands.
  • Messages can be customised / disabled via generated config.


    CommandSpy supports LuckPerms. If the mod is loaded, logToOps will be redundant - instead, mod will check if players have the permission to receive info about commands being executed.

    • commandspy.log.command_blocks -> this player will receive info of command blocks executing the command
    • commandspy.log.signs -> this player will receive info of signs executing the command
    • commandspy.log.players -> this player will receive info of players executing the command


Much thanks to @Paninja for creating the icon!



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