Command Macros

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Command Macros


Have a command you commonly use? Tired of repeatedly typing it in over and over? Wouldn't it be easier to press a key on your keyboard to run the command?


How to add a macro:

  • Edit the config
  • Opening the config menu with Mod Menu.
  • Typing the following command : "/Cmdkeybinds showconfig"
  • Using the keybind. Editable though the controls screen or the command macros config. By default it is unbound


Command Macros provides a quick and easy method of creating and running macros.

Creating a macros is as easy as specifying the command, and the key to trigger the command.

Restart not required! Editing/Creating a macro takes effect instantly, no need to relaunch.

Keys are not limited to a single macro, multiple macros can be bound to the same key to have multiple commands run at once.


Different Types of Macros:

- Delayed Macro: Command has a configurable delay between key press and execution.

- Repeating Macro: Command while auto repeat while holding down the key. Delay configurable

- Toggled Repeating: Same as Repeating but the key press acts as a toggle, allowing the command to repeat without holding down the key

- RunNTimes(New in 1.6.0!): Command will run N times when pressed. Delay between runs is configurable

- Single use Macro: Command will only execute once per key press

- Display only Macro: Chat screen will be opened and command will be typed in without being executed