Luminiferous Uplands

592 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 9, 2019 Game Version: Fabric

The Luminiferous Uplands


A lightweight, modern take on the Skylands dimension! Currently in beta.


Requires Fabric!


Getting Started

First, you must craft an Uplander Beacon, a magical totem that can take you straight from the Overworld to the Uplands. A single right-click will send you rocketing into the distant sky above.


You'll spawn in on a small structure with a nice little campfire, to help get you started. Time for exploration!


If you ever want to leave the Uplands, you only need to jump down. Just, er, mind the fall... It might be wise to explore around first, and find something that can help you survive the drop.


Bug Reports

Since this is still a work-in-progress, bugs are abound. If you run into an issue, please report it on our Github page!



We've received reports of a glitch with OptiFabric and certain shader packs that causes the skybox to flash rapidly at night. We are unable to fix these bugs because of Optifine's closed-source nature; if you suffer from epilepsy or any other similar condition, it is recommended that you do not use OptiFabric with this mod.


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