Colds: Wandering Trader

47,144 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 1, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


This Mod adds a COMPLETE set of "Traders" Tools and Armor which can be purchased directly from the Wandering Trader.


This new Gear is One Step Above Netherite and offers some great benefits!


Each Trader Armor piece grants Neutral Status with the Piglin Race!  (Much like wearing Gold Armor)


The Helm allows you to Look Directly at Endermen without making them angry.


Traders Boots grant the "Bounding" effect, giving you a sprinting jump and immunity to fall damage while worn!


All Trader Gear is Fire Proof!


Use LAPIS LAZULI BLOCKS to repair Trader Gear! 

Recharge the Mirror and Staff with Lapis Lazuli (Not Blocked)


This mod also adds some very useful tools as well.


The Traders Whistle - This item allows you to summon a Wandering Trader.  This can also be found in chests through out the world!

(This item has a 5 minute cooldown between uses.) 

Added in 1.0.5 - Config Option to adjust Whistle Cooldown.  (No Cooldown in Creative Mode.)


The Traders Mirror - Traders use these when they become lost deep below the surface.  Staring into the mirror will teleport you directly to the surface! 

(This item will NOT break when it reaches 0 durability, but it cannot be used again till recharged!)


The Traders End Mirror - Traders use these to travel between the End and Overworld Dimensions.  Unfortunately, this item has been lost for some time and it's thought to be one of the many ways Enderman make their way into the Overworld! 

(This item will NOT break when it reaches 0 durability, but it cannot be used again till recharged!)


The Wandering Traders Staff - This powerful item allows the Wandering Trader to explore the world looking for new customers, and instantly return home when business is done!

(This item will NOT break when it reaches 0 durability, but it cannot be used again till recharged!)


Traders Jerky - This tasty treat keeps a Wandering Trader going strong.  It's so good, that even Piglins have been known to barter for it!


Mystery Book - Pull back the covering to reveal the Enchanted Book inside.  These Books CAN include Treasure Enchants as well such as Mending!

Added in 1.0.6


Spicy Wheat - Summons 3 Angry Llamas which REALLY don't like Monsters! Has 3 Charges and CANNOT be repaired!

Added in 1.0.7


Pillager Stew - New and Tasty meal which temporarily increases your Strength!

Added in 1.1.0


Vindicator Axe - Using this Axe can summon Vinnie the Vindicator to help you battle Monsters!

Added in 1.1.0


Traitors Mask - Wearing this Mask will allow you to trade Lapis Lazuli with Pillagers and Illagers for some great rewards!

Added in 1.1.0


The Trader will also sell a "Hero Charm"!  When purchased, the Charm will instantly grant the buyer the Hero of the Village buff for a short time!

(This is an EFFECT and not a hold able item!)


Added Lapis Lazuli, Leads, and Ender Pearls to the Wandering Traders Inventory as well!


Clicking on a Wandering Trader while Crouching will "Dismiss" him as well!


New Config File added in 1.0.2!  Now you can change the Price of all the new Items on the Wandering Trader!!!


1.0.3 UPDATE:  Added new Traders End Mirror and Updated the Wandering Traders Staff Code to make teleporting "Slightly" safer! 

(Teleporting above water/lava "Should" place an Obsidian Block directly below you preventing you from falling in.  If for ANY reason you lose your Bed while out an about, teleporting home will still teleport you to your last known bed position.) 


If you feel the Wandering Trader could use additional items or just want to say hello, stop over on the Discord!  Would love to hear from you!



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