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CocoaInput(4.0.0 and higher) now supports macOS , Windows , Linux.

Optional mod :Windowed Fullscreen (It makes ime candidate window visible in fullscreen mode on Windows).

On macOS,to make ime candidate window visible in fullscreen mode, click green button in titlebar not F11.

On Linux, Location where candidate window appears fixed left-bottom.

ConfigScreen is available.

If you use fabric version, you must install ModMenu.


This is determined whether preedit will be formatted or not.
Some environment(especially linux), "PreeditFormatter" cause to crash minecraft.
In that situation, use false.

This is determined that how text inserted.
Native way(true) should be appropriate, but native way carries text indirectedly(CocoaInput->Screen->widget).
Another way(false) carries text directedly (CocoaInput->widget).
But some screen(f.g. CreativeInventoryScreen) cannot notice inserted text despite TextField get inserted text properly.
Especially Korean Microsoft IME, another way cause to delete last letter when you press Shift.


Support IME input method(Japanese , Chinese , Korean) in Minecraft on macOS,Windows(x86_64),Linux(X11,x86_64).



  • CocoaInput enables you to input multi-byte characters natively.
  • Read developer environment 
  • Fabric version need to install Fabric API

For example(Japanese,Chinese)







In 1.7.10,CocoaInput includes code of NotEnoughItems(MIT License).

CocoaInput uses Java Native Access(ApacheLicense2.0)