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Another camera mod, really? Come on ...



I have been using the Camera Studio mod for a long time, but there were a few things missing. So i decided to write my own camera mod for private use. Including a way to zoom in & out (which works like camera rolling) and an 'outside' mode to allow you to control your player and be the camera at the same time. You can even interact with the world while being on camera. I also added camera following objects, like yourself, other entities or specified block positions.



  • smooth camera paths
  • roll rotation
  • zooming
  • 'outside' mode (be camera & actor at the same time)
  • following targets

Feel free to suggest more features.



Press 'P' for adding a point.
Press 'U' to start the animation (default time is 10 seconds)
/cam add [number] register a point at the current position.
/cam stop stops the animation.
/cam start <time|ms|s|m|h|d> [loops (-1 -> endless)] starts the animation using the given time.
/cam clear delete all registered points.
/cam goto <index> teleports to the given point.
/cam set <index> updates point to current location.
/cam remove <index> removes the given point.
/cam target <none:self> set the camera target. If you leave it empty, right click an entity or a block to mark the target.
/cam mode <default:outside> set current mode
/cam interpolation <linear,cosine,cubic,hermite,circular> set the camera interpolation. hermite interpolation is default.
/cam follow-speed <number> sets the camera follow speed (targets), default is 1.0.
Press 'V' to zoom in, 'N' to zoom out and 'B' to reset the zoom.
Press 'G' to roll left, 'J' to roll right and 'H' to reset the roll.
/cam show <all:linear,cosine,cubic,hermite,circular> shows the path using the given interpolation.
/cam hide <all:linear,cosine,cubic,hermite,circular> hides the path using the given interpolation.
/cam load <name> tries to load the saved path with the given name (stored per world).
/cam save <name> saves the current path (including settings) with the given name (stored per world).
/cam-server start <player> <path> <default:outside> [time|ms|s|m|h|d] [loops (-1 -> endless)] starts the animation for the given player.
/cam-server stop <player> stops the animation for the given player.

/cam-server interpolation <path> <linear,cosine,cubic,hermite,circular> set the camera interpolation for the given path. hermite interpolation is default.

/cam-server target <path> <none:self:pos:entity> set the camera target for the given path.

/cam-server add <path> <x> <y> <z> [yaw] [pitch] [roll] [zoom] adds a new point to the given path or creates the path
/cam-server list lists all saved paths.
/cam-server remove <name> removes the given path.
/cam-server clear clears all saved paths.

Circular Paths





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