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Filename clothesline-fabric-0.3.1+1.16.3-all.jar
Uploaded by jamieswhiteshirt_
Uploaded Oct 18, 2020
Game Version 1.16.3   +3
Size 430.97 KB
Downloads 849
MD5 8bf363dad6e3a51e2cad9318b755cdaa
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions



  • Fixed an issue where items taken from Clothesline Anchors by automation blocks could be duplicated in some situations.


  • API changes:
    • BREAKING: Removed the restriction of maximum network momentum. The hand cranking interaction instead inherits the former restriction, while third-party interactions must apply their own restrictions (if any).
    • Changed Nullable annotations from jsr305 to Jetbrains annotations.


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.16.2.


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.16.1.
  • Changed the mod ID from "clothesline-fabric" to "clothesline". Worlds using pre-0.2.0 versions of Clothesline will be incompatible with 0.2.0 and later versions of Clothesline.
  • API additions:
    • Added a client API for rich block interactions as seen on Clothesline Anchors with Cranks.
  • Breaking API changes:
    • Moved the API from the com.jamieswhiteshirt.clotheslinefabric.api package to the com.jamieswhiteshirt.clothesline.api package.
    • Changed the return values of NetworkState methods with tickDelta parameters from double to float.


  • Fixed items on clothesline networks rendering with incorrect lighting


  • Fixed clothesline networks not unloading properly in unloaded chunks
  • Fixed closed captions for clothesline running


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.14.3
  • Added rounding of numbers displayed in debug info
  • Disabled rendering of debug text that is more than 10 blocks away
  • API: Fixed docs in NetworkState
  • API (BREAKING): Updated to rtree-3i-lite-fabric 0.3.0
  • API (BREAKING): Moved MathUtil out of API


  • Switched to rtree-3i-lite-fabric as an included dependency instead of shading rtree-3i-lite


  • Fixed Clotheslines rendering in hand when not active
  • Made it possible to place Clothesline Anchors on fences as intended


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 5 - #4 by asiekierka
  • Fixed Clothesline rendering in the wrong hand

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w13b

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w12a

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w11b
  • Fixed incompatibility with More Berries causing crashes

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w09a

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w08b
  • Moved custom sound events from minecraft to clothesline-fabric namespace

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w07a

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w06a
  • Fixed bug disallowing placement of blocks without collision boxes

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w05a
  • Fixed bug allowing blocks to be placed in a colliding state

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w04a

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w03b

  • Made clothesline anchors waterloggable
  • Fixed bug where clothesline anchors were not lit properly
  • Fixed bug where usage interactions for all items except Clotheslines would never end

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w03a
  • Removed Clothesline Anchor block entities. Any previously placed cranks will be lost. Sorry!

  • Updated to Minecraft 19w02a
  • Fixed bug where Cranks would not drop from Clothesline Anchors
  • Fixed bug where Clothesline Anchors would be unable to rotate when their last Clothesline connection is broken

  • Initial release

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