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CLCCraft by Sealchan

This mod will offer a series of random blocks, items and features as I learn how to get my ideas down into code for augmenting the game of Minecraft.


Current Features

  • Block - Bark Mulch ( - A new gravity-affected soil block that carries the colors of the Vanilla Minecraft trees.  See the images page for several examples of possible blends of soil types for that artistic landscaping build you have planned.
  • Block - Stone Syzygem Ore ( - Spawns rarely (about equivalent to Iron Ore but in Stone at level 0 to 256), barely discernable from Stone, drops Stone Syzygems with any pickaxe
  • Item - Wood Bucket ( - For those of us who enjoy the slow progression of resources but don't want to wait for iron in order to make a bucket and build nice looking crop lands.  Use at your own risk for lava though. ( - Added chat message for "lava bucket" "Ouch!...lava in a wood bucket.  That's gotta hurt!!"
  • Item - Stone Syzygem ( - Mineral that carries within it the power of creation and transformation
  • Progression - The Stone Cycle: Philosopher's Stone ( - Discovery of the Syzygem captured in Stone allows you to begin the process of exploring the underlying nature of how Minecraftia was formed and provides you with a new way to transform blocks.  This progression will develop the relationship between blocks and items in Minecraft as they pertain to Stone as well as reveal the mystery that is inherent in all created realities.  The net result will be a new machine and a new item, the Philosopher's Stone.  More aspects of this progression will be featured in up-coming releases
  • Tool - Stone Syzygem Pickaxe ( - Crafted from Sticks and Stone Syzygems; Has three times the durability of a Stone Pickaxe; When mining Stone Syzygem Ore using this pickaxe will cause that block to drop either 1) 1 Cobblestone + 1 Stone Syzygem, 2) Obsidian + 1/3 durability or 3) Stone


Planned Features in Next Release

  • Item - Sap - Drops from this mod's trees when using an Axe to harvest a Log/Wood block.  Sap will be used to repair the Wood Bucket which will take damage from use
  • Progression - The Stone Cycle: Philosopher's Stone - I will probably add Gravel and Flint into the Stone Cycle to further flesh out the interrelationship between Flint and Stone.
  • Tree - Shore Pine - A gray barked, gray plank tree that grows like an Acacia tree in the Overworld Beach biome.  The planks will be able to be crafted into Shingles so that you can build that Beach Cabin you always wanted.



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Other Projects

Growing Flowers 2 -  A port of Growing Flowers to 1.12.2...this mod allows you to do the natural thing, grow flowers from seed in farmland.





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