57 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 2, 2020 Game Version: Forge

Wood Bucket (v0.1)

Crafted from logs...move water, don't try lava though...

Vanilla Bark Mulch Blocks (v0.2)

Crafted from logs...these gravity affected blocks closely reflect the colors of bark while giving the sound of gravel. Try these blocks with others to create interesting blends...

Andesite-Diorite-Birch Bark Mulch Blend (v0.2)

Combine Birch Bark Mulch with Andesite and Diorite to create a subtly varied texture

Dirt-Coarse Dirt-Oak Bark Mulch Blend (v0.2)

Add Oak Bark Mulch to Dirt and Coarse Dirt for a more varied soil texture

Gravel-Cobblestone-Acacia Bark Mulch Blend (v0.2)

Gravel and Cobblestone and Acacia Bark Mulch make another interesting texture for your landscaping

Podzol-Jungle Bark Mulch-Grass Blend (v0.2)

Podzol and Jungle Bark go well together, perhaps with some Grass blocks

Farmland Borders

Less expensive than logs...

Stone Syzygem Ore (v0.3)

Mine this ore with a pickaxe until you can craft the Stone Syzygem Pickaxe. Then mine this ore with your new pickaxe to begin your journey into the mysterious origins of Minecraftia,

Lime Green Maple Tree (v0.4.1)

Rare big tree that supplies new wood and Sap

Flint Stone

Stone that shatters into Flint and sometimes produces a Flint Syzygem

Lime Green Maple Wood Planks (v0.4.1)

On the far right of the six Vanilla Wood Planks are the Wood Planks you can craft from the Lime Green Maple Wood