Classy Hats

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This mod adds hats! For your head!

 Hat on head

Halo on headUsing the hat inventory (H) you can equip hats, and access up to 1000 slots of storage. Hats will generate in loot, from bosses, and rarely on mobs, making them a challenge to collect! Style yourself to your heart's content, and look out for Elusive hats, 20x as rare as the regular ones.


Store your hats on stands! They look fancy, and can be positioned much like mob heads.

Hats on stands


This also comes with powerful configurability, allowing for anyone to make their own hats for their modpack with their own custom assets!


An extra feature is the Phantom Thread, an item that allows you to hide your armor, as to better show off your hats. Cheaply crafted, just combine it with armor in a crafting table to make your armor invisible.Phantom Thread