Classic Beaches [Fabric]

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Classic Beaches -- Generate Alpha/Beta beaches!


Fabric API and Cloth Config are required!


This is a simple vanilla-friendly Fabric mod that restores the beaches you remember from Minecraft Alpha/Beta to vanilla Minecraft biomes. 

Classic beaches have never truly been removed from the game; the surface generator is still used, mostly identical to the original implementation, for the Nether.  This mod just repurposes that surface builder, tweaked to generate sand and gravel, instead of soul sand and gravel, as well as a sandstone bottom layer.  Mojang, why not bring them back?

This mod does not change terrain gen in any other way, so you can use it for new or existing worlds!






  • Replaces default surface builder used for most vanilla biomes, (excl. swamps, mountains, etc.)
  • Option to toggle classic beach generation
  • Option to generate clay pockets in beaches
  • Options to control frequency of classic sand and gravel beaches
  • Options to control vanilla disk generation
  • Compatible with biome mods like Traverse and Terrestria