Chest Refill



A serverside mod that refills loot containers.

Note: Curseforge likes to make mess out of descriptions. For proper formatting, visit github page.


  1. Put the mod in your mods/ folder.
  2. Restart the game / server.
    1. Tweak the config if you need, then use /chestrefill reload
  3. Generate / create new loot chests.
  4. Loot them, wait for given time (default: 4 hours) and reloot them again with another account!


  • configurable (time, max fills, reset loot seed ...)
  • permission support (chestrefill.allowReloot)
  • works on any container extending RandomizableContainerBlockEntity


  • chestrefill.allowReloot - allows relooting chest
  • chestrefill.config
    • chestrefill.config.edit - allows in-game config editing
    • chestrefill.config.reload - allows reloading config


You can use an in-game /chestrefill command to edit the config in game. See github page.

Per-loot-table customization

You can also set custom values for specified loot tables. Do you want the end city loot table refilled more times than default? Set the following options.

  "...": "",
  "// Map to override above config for certain loot tables only.": "",
  "lootModifierMap": {
    "minecraft:chests/end_city_treasure": {
      "randomize_loot_seed": true,
      "allow_reloot_without_permission": true,
      "max_refills": 100,
      "refill_non_empty": false,
      "min_wait_time": 60
    "sample_mod:chests/custom_loot_table": {
      "randomize_loot_seed": true,
      "allow_reloot_without_permission": false,
      "max_refills": 5,
      "refill_non_empty": false,
      "min_wait_time": 14400

This will cause the minecraft:chests/end_city_treasure to be

  • relootable by same players
  • refillable 100 times
  • refilled each 60 seconds

Per-container customization

You can customize a chest using the NBT tags. These will override the both config defaults and loot table overrides.

    ChestRefill: {
            RefillCounter: 0,
            SavedLootTable: "minecraft:chests/igloo_chest",
            CustomValues: {
                AllowReloot: 1b
                MaxRefills: -1
                MinWaitTime: 60

(RandomizeLootSeed and RefillNonEmpty custom values are also available.)

The command would look like the following:

/setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:chest{ChestRefill: {RefillCounter: 0, SavedLootTable: "minecraft:chests/igloo_chest", CustomValues: {AllowReloot: 1b, MaxRefills: -1, MinWaitTime: 60}}}

This will create a lootable container that can be

  • relooted by same players
  • refilled infinitely
  • refilled every 60 seconds


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