Charset Tweaks

Charset Tweaks is a Charset project dedicated to various small tweaks which impact gameplay while not adding any additional content and not large enough to get their own, independent mods.

Tweaks provided:

  • materials.dyes - graphite, as a replacement black dye crafted from charcoal
  • materials.shards - glass shards which fall out from glass
  • tweak.anvilDyeItems - allows dyeing item names in the Anvil
  • tweak.bonemeal - allows controlling what blocks and items can be bonemealed, as well as optionally enabling old-style bonemeal behaviour (instant growth)
  • tweak.coloredSlimeBlocks - colored slime blocks, which do not connect to each other. Requires CharsetPatches!
  • tweak.doubledoors - makes double doors open at the same time upon right-clicking just one
  • tweak.equalizeMobChances - allows a mob wearing armor comparable to yours to rarely spawn
  • tweak.fix.playerdamageanimation - fixes player directional damage animation
  • [] tweak.mapCompass - holding a map in one hand and a compass in another will lead you to its center
  • tweak.mobControl - control which mob types are or are not allowed to spawn
  • tweak.pushableTnt - allows players to push TNT around by hand or projectile
  • [] tweak.rightClickHarvest - smart implementation of the "right-click to harvest" tweak, with whitelist/blacklist facilities for the mechanic
  • [] tweak.shovelUntill - left-clicking farmland with a shovel turns it into dirt, without having to dig it out fully.
  • tweak.zorro - zorro

Tweaks provided, but disabled by default:

  • tweak.remove.* - options to remove: nether portals, the Recipe Book button, sprinting, vanilla-style tools.
  • tweak.voidGenerator - simple, optional void overworld generator

All of those tweaks can be manually enabled/disabled by setting them to ENABLE or DISABLE in charset/modules.cfg.


This version of the mod requires CharsetLib!