Charset Storage - Chests

289,568 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 20, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Charset Storage Chests is a Charset module which adds chests. (The reason it's yet another project is best explained on the blog.)


Now in technicolor!

Charset's chests provide numerous improvements over vanilla chests:

  • They can be made out of any wood in the game! Yes, any wood - vanilla, Forestry, Biomes'o'Plenty, that mod I've never heard of, you name it. Just like the barrels! (The recolored texture also works with any resource pack - Faithful, Unity, you name it!)
  • They can be placed next to each other or carefully linked together using sneak-clicking - just the way you want them to!
  • They can be disconnected and reconnected using Wrenches!
  • Their backend code is probably a fair bit cleaner.
  • Minor tweaks, such as larger chests having a slower opening animation and deeper opening/closing sound over regular chests.
  • Unlike existing "alternate chests" mods, this one retains full compatibility with other mods' crafting recipes - even ones which don't have the chest in the ore dictionary!

Other than that, they behave exactly like vanilla chests. (Improved trapped chests are planned - stay tuned!)


  • This means that you need eight of the same wood type to make a chest. This may cause issues in edge cases while using autocrafting storage networks.
  • Loot chests and village chests still generate using the "classic" vanilla-style chest. This may be changed at a later point in time.
  • The texture generation algorithm for the chests is still a work in progress, so the specific coloring may change somewhat.

This version of the mod requires CharsetLib!

Project icon utilizes Unity textures by CyanideX.


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