Charset Storage - Barrels

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Charset Storage Barrels is a Charset module which adds barrels.


Barrels in their natural environment.


Each barrel is capable of storing 64 stacks of items. Items can be extracted from their bottom side and inserted from their top side, as well as by right-clicking or left-clicking the front face. Unloading an item-based inventory, such as a Backpack or a Canvas Bag, is also supported.


Barrels can be upgraded:

  • Sticky Barrels will ensure that, when automated, at least one of the item will always be available. This effectively acts as a filter.
  • Hopping Barrels act as a barrel and hopper in one! \:D/
  • Silky Barrels (off by default if Charset Tweak Carry is present) will keep their contents inside the item if destroyed with a Silk Touch Axe.

Additional features are available:

  • Infinite Barrels, a limitless source of happinessitems for creative mode players.
  • Barrel Carts, that is Minecarts which contain Barrels! Just craft a barrel with a minecart together.

There is some mod compatibility available:

  • Barrels can be crafted out of any modded wood, and will retain said wood's texture and coloring!
  • Chisels and Bits' Bits stack up to the amount they stack to in the Bit Bag, which is 512 bits per stack by default. You can change this setting in Chisels and Bits's configuration file.

Charset Storage Barrels benefits heavily from a mod providing a rotation tool, such as a Wrench.


This version of the mod requires CharsetLib!

Project icon utilizes Unity textures by CyanideX.


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