Charset Block Carrying

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Charset Block Carrying is a Charset module which adds a block carrying mechanic.




  • Picking up blocks from vanilla, Charset and supported mods (such as Quark).
  • Whitelisting/blacklisting additional blocks can be done via configuration or CraftTweaker.
  • While carrying a block, the player is slowed down, cannot sprint or use items (a Strength potion can counter some of the slowdown).
  • Falling from a great height or being hit by a mob will also make you drop the block!
  • Putting chests/barrels/etc. into minecarts, and taking them out of minecarts - contents intact!
  • Mob spawner carrying is balanced as they continue ticking (and spawning mobs!) while you're carrying them - take a friend!
  • Respects not just the vanilla "lock" functionality, but also Locks from Charset!


  • Q: How to pick up blocks?
  • A: Sneak+pickblock! (Shift+middle-click by default.) To then place them, just right-click somewhere.
  • Q: Why do we need two block carrying mods?
  • A: I released my block carrying mod outside of Curse in January 2017. The developers of the other popular carrying mod, Carry On, created theirs in July 2017 - and were not aware of the existence of mine. Thus, two mods now co-exist.
  • Q: What are the key differences between Carry On and Charset Block Carrying?
  • A: The former allows you to carry entities - Charset only allows carrying of blocks for the time being. Charset's version of the tweak also requires explicitly marking blocks as compatible and provides additional compatibility/tweaks mentioned above.

Mod developers, please refer to this document for information on adding compatibility with this module. As for modpack developers, this document (module/lib.cfg part) explains how to whitelist blocks for carrying yourself.

This version of the mod requires CharsetLib!



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