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Chaos Mod


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The 1.15.2 versions have broken loot tables for ores and an ability to break the mod ores with any pickaxe.

The second one is a bug in Fabric API which I cannot control. As such, I won’t support the 1.15.2 versions anymore. If you’re already using Fabric, why not update to 1.16.1 as it comes out?


This mod adds to new materials to Minecraft, Catium & Eggplantium. There are two versions of the mod. The normal one, and the "Common Ores" one. In the Common Ores version, the two ores are very very very common.






  • You can craft the ingots into items.
  • The cat item explodes on use.
  • The eggplant item is edible.


My Minecraft can't load it, something about mods.toml

Use Fabric, not Forge.




  • Textures by ZTCraftCat
  • Code by YTG123/TheYTG123


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