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"To become a thing is to know a thing." -The Dominion, Star Trek DS9


Changeling is a shapeshifting mod for Minecraft. With the mod, you can kill mobs to get the ability to "morph" into them. While morphed, you may also be able to use abilities of some vanilla mobs. Check your controls in the in-game options menu to see how to use the mod.


Changeling is a fork of McHorse's Metamorph with the goal of staying as close to the original mod as possible, while paying more attention to gameplay-related bugs. On its own, Changeling is a lightweight mod which allows you to morph for convenience or roleplay, and provides configuration options to disable features and tweak morphs. Changeling also contains a powerful API which other mod developers can use to create add-ons or use the mod as a morphing backend.


Changeling is licensed under MIT. Contributions and feedback are welcome. Feel free to discuss Changeling and my other mods on the Minecraft Forum thread (



- "1.2-golem" and above: DominionLib

- Older versions: McLib 1.0.4 or earlier.

You will have to remove McLib during the upgrade to using DominionLib. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

"Can I use this mod in my Let's Play series / stream / modpack / etc ?"

- Yes!

"Will this mod be ported to <insert more recent Minecraft version here>?"

- In a perfect world with infinite time? Sure. But the real answer is... I don't know! If another modder wants to help, I'd be happy to work with them.

"Will this mod be ported to <insert older Minecraft version here>?"

- No.

"Does this mod have X feature/bugfix / Will it be added / When will it be added / etc ?"

- Please see the Wiki for more info about the mod, and the Roadmap for what may be added in the future. No ETA.


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