CB 2: All The Things


Attention! This mod is Discontinued. The Corgis have been split into a separate mod that can be found here. Thanks for the support.


CB2 is a mod which purpose is to compact storage and apply small tweaks to the game.


It currently adds:

  • Compressed blocks (Cobblestone, Dirt, Sand, TNT etc.)
  • Changes to stack sizes of some items
  • A new type of metal called Endgamium
  • A new crafting mechanic
  • More food items
  • An underground beacon (it doesn't make sense, I know... shhh)
  • Corgis

The compressed blocks are partly compatible with Extra Utilities 2.



  • Draconic Evolution
  • Extra Utilities (WIP)
  • Just Enough Items (WIP)


More info about the features can be found on the wiki!

Send your suggestions here! For bugs and issues go here!


You can use this mod in your modpack.