The Corgi Mod

The Corgi Mod

These crazy little creatures adds life to your world. Not only that, but they can also help you on your adventures in the game.


The Corgis

Abilities are related to the corgi type. For example, the pirate corgi makes your boat go faster when it joins you and help out with finding treasure. Many more features are present and every corgi has their own ability. Some might even be a little hostile.


The Future

What I want with this mod is adding more corgis with their abilities. More features to the corgis like how they interact with players and the world, as well as refine the already existing behaviour. ### The Caviat I work full time and I'm doing this as a hobby, meaning that development isn't as fast as I'd like it to be.



This mod should be compatible with most mods out there, but if it isn't or it happens to glitch out or crash. Please report these issues in the issue tracker, as it helps me a ton. Thank you! The corgi mod relies on Cloth Config for configuration and has Patchouli support for in-game documentation.



You may use this mod in any modpack hosted here on CurseForge or on Modrinth without notice, although a small shoutout would be nice. :)


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