The Corgi Mod

12,590 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 26, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


While 1.15.2 will still be supported in terms of bugfixes. I'm not adding much in terms of features to it anymore, so I can focus on adding new features to 1.16.X.



Now with Patchouli support!


Bug reports and issues belong in the issue tracker not the comments, therefore the comments are now disabled. Thanks for your understanding.


This is a mod aimed to add Corgis to Minecraft. 


Currently adds:

Normal Corgi 

fabbe50 Corgi - A Corgi based on the developer of the mod.

Bodyguard Corgi - Here to serve and protect.

Business Corgi - Ready for work.

Melon Corgi - Half Melon, Half Corgi. What can go wrong? 

Pirate Corgi - All about those riches.

Spy Corgi - Very sneaky, can't be trusted.

Sunglasses Corgi - Cool.

Anti Corgi - Different, but yet the same.

Love Corgi - In love with everything.

Radioactive Corgi - Born in a nuclear power plant.

Hero Corgi - Always saves the day.

Nerd Corgi - Very clever, very shy.


Zombie Corgi - Grrr... brainzzz... (literally a zombie in corgi form).

Creeper Corgi - sssssss (yep, it's a creeper).


Planned features:

More Corgis (Duh.)

Corgi abilities - (in progress)

More animals? 



Q: How do you tame the Corgis?

A: With Baked Potatoes



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You are allowed to use this mod in modpacks, provided that the modpack is free.

You are not allowed to republish the mod in any way.