Welcome to the Caves and Cliffs add-on for William Wythers' Overhauled Overworld!



For those who would like to try out the Caves and Cliffs prototype in conjunction with Overhauled Overworld, here is your chance!



This add-on adds 7 cave biomes and numerous combinations!

-Dirt Cave

found between y55 and the surface of all plains-like biomes

-Dripstone Cave 

found in patches throughout the world

-Lush Cave 

found in patches in all tropical-temperate humid biomes throughout the world

-Mushroom Cave 

found in rare pockets throughout the world

-Kelp Cave

found in flooded caves and aquifers throughout the world

-Volcanic Chamber

found beneath the Shattered Savanna Plateau

-Calcite Cavern

found beneath the Taiga Mountains


NOTE: This mod will not function without the base mod and Fabric API linked above.