Caves and Cliffs Mod, 1.17 backport

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Minecraft 1.17 backport supermj767


I am no longer working on this mod.




I like making mods and work very hard on them all the time, but it doesn't pay, so I would really appreciate your support, If you enjoy this mod and would like to see more updates please consider donating so I can continue doing what I love! :D




Mod Showcases (the mod has been updated since all of these videos)

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Current blocks in the latest version

Everything has its own functions


Please report all bugs in the comments section below or in the issues page at the top of the screen.


Mod content 

Axolotl - a "Cute and Ugly" amphibian that crawled its way into the caves and cliffs update!

The Axolotl will spawn in all sorts of water biomes!


Copper - A new type of metal coming to the Caves and Cliffs update on Minecraft

Changes color over time


can also be crafted into a "Waxed" version of copper that stops it from turning green


Amethyst - a new crystal coming to the Caves and Cliffs update


Amethyst Geodes - pockets of amethyst that spawn throughout the world.


Stalagmite - can be placed on the ground / Stalactite - can be placed on the ceiling


Dripleaf - an unstable platform that will tip over slowly when you walk on it.

Baby Dripleaf


Glow Berry Vine - Grows glow berries over time, it can also be climbed


Azalea Trees - these do not spawn yet, but will soon

Azalea Roots

Hanging Azalea Roots


Clay Pot - this is aesthetic only.


New stones - the new stones coming in the Caves and Cliffs update


Candles - act like sea pickles, can be lit by using a Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge




Powdered Snow - "Snowier Snow" as said in the video :)


Sculk Block - the brand new Sculk Block!


Sculk Chute - an unknown block... for now


Sculk Growth - this will spawn in the Deep Dark


Sculk Sensor

These do not work yet


Moss - Cosmetic block coming in the Caves And Cliffs update


Spore Blossom - a beautiful new plant coming to the Caves and Cliffs update


Baby Azalea Trees



Lightning Rod

These do not work.





Cauldrons can now be filled with Lava and Powdered Snow



Shovels - can now turn Dirt, Coarse Dirt, Podzol, and Mycelium into path blocks


Goat Horn - plays a horn sound when right-clicked


Firework Rockets - can now be crafted using the recipe book




Please do NOT publish my mod on another website without my permission.

Please do NOT create videos about my mod without giving me proper credit.

Please do NOT steal any of the textures from this mod 



This mod adds almost everything announced at MC live.


1.16.1 will not be a thing.


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